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Slate District Cebu
Do the cusps of your tongue ache for something new? A recent visit to the reclamation area led me to one of the latest food destination which will delight anybody's hunger. What started as a dream of a young Cebuana, Jackie Yu-Lua recently turned her childhood dream into a reality.

With the blessing of the universe, Jackie married her husband Shane, who worked as a chef in a 5-Star resort hotel.  Powered by their love for food and cooking, the couple started a small catering gig serving packed lunch for groups, where they got a lot of positive feedback from clients and friends which encourage then to put their own restaurant.
Slate District Cebu
What's in a Name?
Slate District got its name from a type of rock. Slate is the finest grained foliated metamorphic rock.  It is a flat-type of rock and the owners thought that they could use it as a plate for their delicious dishes.  For them, having a black hard slate as a plate has a certain elegance and uniqueness to it. That is how they came up with the name of their first ever stand-alone restaurant.

Sure Sarap
Slate District serves a lot of mouth-watering specialties at super affordable prices.  First among their specialties is their Pork Sisig Sarap which will soon grace their dining area next week. The family owns a chain of food carts that serves this Pinoy favorite and they are bringing it in their new restaurant. Having tried some of their featured offerings, I believe that their Sisig must be good as well.

Here are some of my favorites from their menu:
Slate District Cebu
Slate District Cebu
Look at that saucy goodness! That's their JackSlate Chicken which is is a buffalo wings dish that is served as a hanging chicken. It comes in three variations. The spicy one is by far my favorite and I must say that it is best eaten using our bare hands because, it's just too good not to be savored!
Slate District Cebu
They also serve flavorful pork specialties like Grilled Baby Ribs Grilled Herb Pork Steak, and Tonkatsu. Pictured above is their grilled baby ribs which is not only friendly to one's pocket, but also great for everyone's taste. That is by far my favorite dish on their menu. The meat is tender, it has this bursting flavor which is one-of-a kind. And if you are wondering will it suffice its price, it's a big yes! Their baby ribs maybe called baby, but it is served in a big portion. It's definitely a dish worth sharing.
Slate District Cebu
Another pork dish worth trying is their Grilled Herb Pork Steak. I don't know about you guys, but anything with pesto and butter for me is bliss. I love how the herbs used by Slate enhances the flavor of the pork whilst complementing the juxtaposition of goodness created by the butter and the pesto.
Slate District Cebu
Our pescatarian friends can enjoy their Orlando Fish Burrito that has been inspired by a similar dish that they tasted when the couple traveled to Orlando, Florida, USA. But if fish is not your cup of tea, worry not as well because they also serve Quesadillas which won't leave you any hungry.

The aim of the owners is to make Slate District a go-to place for people who seeks the ultimate comfort food. They choose the best quality of ingredients while maintaining a price point that can be affordable to students and young professionals. The food is presented to be pleasing to the Instagram generation.  In line with that, the restaurant interiors were designed to attract the trendy crowd.
Slate District Cebu
To celebrate the opening of this new restaurant, Slate District is offering an All-You-Can-Eat Grilled Herb Pork Steak for only 299 pesos.  This includes unlimited servings of rice and one round of their house blend iced tea. It's something that you wouldn't want to miss and fyi, their house blend tea is very refreshing. It has apples and calamansi in it making it a healthy pair for your chosen dishes.

Slate District is located at Ground Floor Alfresco Area of Parkmall, Mandaue City. Be at par of their exclusive promotions and latest offerings by visiting their official Facebook and Instagram account.
Tag them on your social media posts using the hashtag #slatedistrict for you to get featured.

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  1. I always like your restaurant, cafe reviews as they make me daydream of nice places I would love to visit in the future :)
    I am not a huge meat eater, for some time I've been eating more fish, but this place looks really good :)
    Hope you are doing great & I hope I will have more time to catch up on your blog :)

  2. OMG looks really yummy Tin, I have to try this place :)