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Kevlo Skin Clinic Cebu

    One of the fastest growing part of the skincare industry today is the use of skincare products and trying on different skincare treatments. From the regular skin cleansing products to the new ways of skin whitening, the skincare industry is definitely having its own spotlight. Some of those might be set as a luxury good, making pocket-friendly and effective skincare products and treatments seem like a dream. Howbeit, in my beloved city, a proudly local skin clinic gives every Cebuana a sure way to go should they want to enhance their natural body wrap.

        Kevlo Skin Clinic which started as a distributor of skin care products in 2007 is now becoming a Cebuana cult-favorite skin clinic. Kevlo, which will turn 10 this August, opened their first ever clinic in Talamban and welcomed their clients on their second branch in Panagda-it. 

       It was on the late 2016 when I first heard of Kevlo from skincare obsessed ladies. Biting into my curiosity about their services, I took the decision to visit their second branch along with the other members of the Cebu Blogging Community. On our visit, we sat down with Mr. Mark Philip T. Geniston, chief executive officer of Kevlo Skin Clinic who told us about how on to see how he came up with the idea and opened his heart to make Kevlo a reality.
Kevlo Skin Clinic Cebu
    Geniston's first had in mind a bar as his business upon arriving from his work abroad. However, he took the executive decision to venture into skin care products after lending his ears to some of his friends advice regarding to the business situation in Cebu. 

      Right after he got Kevlo's unique formula, Geniston decided to answer the demand for skin care products in the city. What was mainly a business for skincare soap now becomes Cebu's celebrated skin clinic. Kevlo takes pride on their signature facial treatment which is also their best-selling service. When asked what sets them apart from their competitors, the pleasant owner took their consistent good service and effective, yet affordable products as his answers. He also added that Kevlo embraces the individual beauty of their clients.

      With 8 therapists on each of their outlet, it's not a question whether Kevlo's branches are in full-blast especially on the weekends. However, if you want to try any of their services, you might want to visit them on Mondays wherein they offer 100php off on any of their services. In order not to bore their clients, Kevlo releases new product and services every year.  Another fact that sets them apart from other skin clinics in Cebu is that their products used are exclusive to Kevlo. Moreover, they set their own strokes and pressures applying what they recently learn from the skincare market.
Kevlo Skin Clinic Cebu
Kevlo Skin Clinic Cebu
Kevlo Skin Clinic is equipped with clean interiors and decors which are easy on the eyes.
Kevlo Skin Clinic Cebu
     A visit in Kevlo won't be complete without trying their services so I tried their signature facial treatment. The treatment which costs 400php gave me a rejuvenating and a relaxing experience. Included in the treatment is a facial scrub, moisturizer, massage, cleansing and whitening. Though I still find some whiteheads on my nose area right after the treatment, it didn't disappoint me because the overall experience was more than enough. A good addition to their service are their friendly and very accommodating therapists who actually gave me a free massage. That was something that I haven't expected in receiving a facial treatment. The experience definitely did put a smile on my face.

      I was also curious about how their products work so I bought myself an eye contour serum from their abundant line of skin care products. So far, I'm not mad with the product. I apply it every night before I visit the dreamland and I notice that my eyes aren't that puffy and tired-looking in the morning. I still have to check on it though since I have been using it for three days as of today. 

Here are two photographs showing Kevlo's services:
Kevlo Skin Clinic Cebu

Kevlo Skin Clinic Cebu
     If you want to start a skincare business yourself, you might consider starting with Kevlo as they are open for franchising outside Cebu for a price range of 2 to 2.5 million pesos. They also welcome distributors who only need to shell out 50,000php on their pockets to avail their products.

I highly recommend Kevlo's products and services and I cannot wait to visit them again for another facial treatment. Follow their Facebook account or dial 0917-7112974/ 0933-8605974 for appointments. Kevlo has branches in Talamban, located right across USC-TC and one in Bonifacio District in Panagda-it Mabolo, Cebu City. Their clinics are open every day from 11:00AM - 8:00PM.

I hope you'll get that healthy glow at Kevlo!

love lots,

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  2. I've used Kevlo when I was in high school because the owner's daughter is my junior. Its great that they already have a physical treatment center :)

    1. Wwooah, you know Lovely diay Steph hehe. Love their products a lot!