5 Hairstyles to Try this Christmas

5 Hairstyles to Try this Christmas
Ho ho ho! Nope. I'm not Santa. This is still Tin ladies. There's no magic goin' on here, and I don't know what sorcery it is that made Christmas just a couple of days from now. I guess this is the perfect time for me to greet you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Regardless of how you celebrate that special event, I do hope you'll spend it well with the people you love the most. 

I know you have a lot of things to prepare from your holiday dinner to your holiday makeup and outfit. However, when Christmas morning arrives, it is a no brainer to throw your most comfortable sweaters. But, it's a completely different story if we have to talk about your holiday hairstyle. Depending on your itinerary on that blissful day, here are five hands-down hairstyles that you can pull together.
5 Hairstyles to Try this Christmas
photo from Twist Me Pretty
1. Twisted Ponytail
Effortlessly beautiful. Those are two of the words that flash into my mind every time I see photographs of hair in twisted ponytail. I love how easy it is to recreate that style and how it looks sassy despite its simplicity. Twisted ponytails are perfect if you are spending your Christmas with a lot of movements. You wouldn't want your hair to get on your way as you try to take that big turkey bite, right? Neither do I.
5 Hairstyles to Try this Christmas
photo from Pinterest.com
2. Dutch Braid Crown
Another romantic hairstyle that you can wear this Christmas is the Dutch Braid Crown. Similar to the French braid, you can create the Dutch braid by adding more strands as you braid. This is something that I fell in love with though I find this one a bit challenging. But that's probably just because I was never good with experimenting different hairstyles lol. The best thing about Dutch braid is that you can sport it regardless of your hair's length.
5 Hairstyles to Try this Christmas
photo from fustany.com
3. Ballerina Bun
This one's easy, but definitely classy as well. If you wanna stay polished after all the holiday preparations, go ahead and try the ballerina bun. It's effortlessly chic and not to mention very comfortable. To spice it up a bit, you can play around with different hair knots or with a pretty ribbon. Whether it's messy or not, the ballerina bun won't let you down.
5 Hairstyles to Try this Christmas
photo from More Magazine
4. French Braid
A bohemian inspired look is always a great option. If you really into braids, then you might also wanna try the French braid. Starting with a Dutch braid, create another braid by at the nape of your neck and viola, you got yourself that pretty French braid. You can also wear it as a crown if you want to.
5 Hairstyles to Try this Christmas
photo from The Teacher Diva
5. Soft Curls
Everybody loves a sexy carefree hair but not all of us want to own all the hassle to achieve it. The easiest to own it? Create soft loose curls with a curler or your favorite curling iron and brush your hair. Soft loose curls look beautiful in every girl and in every hair length as well. But if want those long locks, don't be sad about it, just grab some virgin human hair for sale like the one in the photo below. All you have to do is to attach it and style it.
5 Hairstyles to Try this Christmas
Festive holiday dinners, Christmas tree lighting, NYE parties–and that's just some of the things that you have to enjoy this holiday season. Getting ready for all of them can be way more fun if you've got a handle on your hair. I'm still stuck between braiding my hair or curling them. For my holiday makeup, I'll probably stick to a warm glow. 

How about you ladies? what hairstyle will you sport this Christmas? 

love lots,

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  1. I will probably braid my hair, maybe boxer braids? My husband loves when I braid my hair, so that is what I will do:) Lovely inspiration. I see you included lots of braided look...and I do like that:) I also really like that high bun. When we don't have a lot of time, a nice bun always saves the day.

  2. Wishing you the Merriest Christmas & Happiest of Holidays, Tin!

  3. Hi Tin! :) Sorry that I didn't visit your blog recently, but because of Christmas, I was busy, because there were so many things to prepare (especially in the kitchen ;)). Backing to your post, I love your hair inspiration and I can't decide what hairstyle I like the most, especially I love the those two ideas from the bottom - soft curls and french braid always look good and classy. :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas, dear Tin!

  4. ;)

    Adorei essas ideias de penteados!

    Obrigada! Feliz Natal um pouquinho atrasado! hehehe! E Feliz Ano Novo pra você também.

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  5. Very lovely choices! I think a long braid is so sexy, just something about it ;) Hope you had a fantastic Christmas, sweetie. Much love!

    All Things Bright and Lovely