3 Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Wear this Christmas

Hooray guys! we made it to the last month of 2016. A few more days to go and we will be pulling our holiday dresses and wrap some gifts while enjoying the smell of turkey. Or in our case here in the Phillippines, lechon baboy. lelz Regardless of how you will celebrate the yuletide season, keep in mind that the most important thing is to be happy and grateful.

Celebrating Christmas with my family is one of the things that I look forward to. Aside from preparing gifts for my family, I love to dress up and come up with a holiday makeup look. For some girls like me though, choosing the best holiday clothes can be frustrating. Some holiday dresses might be too expensive, or too unnatural to wear. So that got me thinking, why not recycle some clothes that I haven't used for quite some time? I know you've got an endless list too. If you are still finding the perfect holiday dress, why not re-wear your bridesmaid dress? Is that even possible? Yes, it is lovelies! Here are three of my top picks for glamorous bridesmaids dresses that you can actually wear again this Christmas. 
As the warmest and most passionate of all the colors, it is impossible not to see the color red all over the place this Christmas. A simple red lightweight dress like this orange-red A-line dress from Sposadress is a no-fail choice. They said everybody looks classy on black. On the other hand, I should insist that everybody looks festive on red!
Anything gold never gets old! Do you have a gold bridesmaid dress hiding in your closet? Don't wait for another year for it to get older. Wear it this Christmas? Gold is classy and just try to imagine how classy you'd look in such a dress. You don't need real gold in your closet to rock the holiday season with class.
Metallics are in vogue this year, which is why anything with a touch of silver are sure why to rock the holidays. If you have that silver bridesmaid dress, now is the perfect time to show it off. There are so many ways to revamp a simple strapless silver dress. One way is to top it off with your favorite sweater. You can also opt to be playful and more creative in layering and with your choice of accessories.

Those are just three of the bridesmaid dresses that you can pull off this Christmas. You don't really have to spend much on dresses, you just have to bring out the fashionista soul in you. I'm still thinking about what I should wear this Christmas, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be in red as it is what our whole family decided to wear. How about you ladies? what are you rocking this Christmas?

 By the way, if you are planning to be a Christmas bride, don't stress about the whole Christmas shopping craze. You can choose good quality yet cheap bridesmaid dresses online. I just thought about it right after seeing a friend from college who recently got married this month. She looked bomb on her dress and her bridesmaids looked equally lovely as well.

Sorry if I haven't checked your blogs for quite some time, was as busy as a bee lately and was feeling under the weather lately. Anyways, I do hope you all had a wonderful December and that you'd have a wonderful time during the most wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance! <3

love lots,

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  1. I like the red one. Sayang hindi ako naka attend ng kasal ng friend ko last Sat. :(


  2. Hi my dear Tin!
    How are you doing? It was fun to see some bridesmaid dresses as one of my best friends is getting married this summer, therefore, I did get some inspiration design wise! :)
    This season I am going crazy over metallics! I have bought two metallic skirts and sweater! Basically I look like a shiny, almost Christmas tree :D


  3. Such beautiful dresses! I loved the red one, it's a classic! :)
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I wish you a merry Christmas in advance as well! :D


  4. You are right, those are perfect for the holiday. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, dear. I hope Santa brings you every toy you asked for :) Many hugs and thanks for the very sweet birthday words

    All Things Bright and Lovely

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