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      While it is important to note that sometimes you have to follow certain dress code or at least look professionally , comfort must also be something that you have to consider. Not because you want to break some guidelines embedded in your workplace, but because in order to work properly, somehow you also have to be able to work comfortably with what you are wearing.

       For my profession, which is teaching, I have to look professional or at least modest at all times. Our wash day isn't an exemption for us to dress improperly. In those days, I make sure I have prepared work casual outfits that I can wear all throughout the day. It is also important for me to consider the tropical temperature in our country. Having considered that, I believe that a clothing made out of cotton or chiffon is a good idea.

      Here are some of the tops from Ozspecials that I would consider wearing if I don't have to wear any uniform. Of course, I might pair some of these with a functional pair of pants or a simple black pencil skirt.

The Virgin
      These are some white colored tops that I would really consider wearing. You know how white can match perfectly in a black bottom right? Also, it is the perfect color for a very hot weather.

Flower Power
      Another collection of work casual tops for me would be these floral top. I personally think these are great ways for me to add some colors in my outfit while still looking work ready.

Lofty Laces
If you have been in my blog for quite some time already, you'd know how much j'adore anything with lace. And who said you can't have them in your work outfits? They are perfect to show tiny bit of your skin and style from your usual work top.

      I do have so many other ideas in mind right now about tops which would be very much work appropriate too, but as of now, those are what's in store for this post. If you are interested with the tops above, you should definitely check out Ozspecials too. Not only do they have free shipping in most countries but they also have the 100% full refund if their customers are not satisfied with their service and products. Most of their items are also very affordable which is also a good thing right?

      I hope you enjoy reading this post. How about you? what kind of top would you wear as your work casual outfit? Let me know on the comment section below. Thank you and have a wonderful week!

love lots,

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  1. Super interesting.i love their items . Great blog you have, stay inspired!


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  2. zooey deschanel ang peg. i like it! ive always like her preppy school style pero hindi bagay sakin kasi hindi ako petite lol

    1. hahaha lalo na sa 'kin sis! lol but preppy styles are really cute :D

  3. I wouldn't mind wearing floral shirts esp if the colours are that good. When some men are only into plain colours, I love patterns and anything vibrant to wear in school. The children loves to talk about them. We always talk about colours and then draw the designs of our shirts. Good sharing!

    1. hahah that I agree with you SIr! children really likes to talk about their teacher's clothes lol that's also one reason why I am careful about what I wear in school
      thanks a lot Sir!

  4. These shirts are lovely, I especially like the one with lace details. Oz specials seems like a great online shop, I see that their prices are very affordable and that's always a plus.

    Great selection dear! I agree with everything your wrote...One should be able feel both comfortable and stylish at one's work place.

  5. This is a great post! Comfort is definitely something I always consider nowadays.

  6. Replies
    1. Me too Anne! thank you for visiting my page :)

  7. Hey dear,

    I'm new here and I think something similar, cause at the end we don't have to suffer or feel uncomfortable with what we wearing... we must wear what we like and like what we wear :)

    Even tho there are ocassions where the dress code is really difficult to follow, but you are showing us clever options for those moments!

    Best regards from Barcelona, and nice blog by the way :)
    Fungi Express blog

  8. Totally agree with you if it's possible (i.e. when dress code isn't required), we should wear comfortable clothes, Tin. Personally I like to wear shirts like these ones from your selection, they could look elegant, when you match them with high heels, but with flats and jeans they make your style more preppy. What's more, OzSpecials sounds like great website with good deals, Tin :)

    1. Thanks a lot dear! You never fail to make me feel happy. Yes, OzSpecials is a really good website especially if you are on a tight budget. Couldn't agree more of what you said <3