My mother once told me that
if I wanted to keep love,
I should know how to prepare it.
I didn't know then how should I prepare
something as special and as appetizing
as love.

Not until I learned to tie
my combat boots
and travel southbound 70.5 kilometers
away from my comfort zone.
I met the secret at Chitang's.

I learned that if I wanted it to stay longer,
I should not force it to be ready
in a split second.
I must learn how to wait.
I must learn how to start a fire just
by rubbing pieces of aching driftwood.

The experts told me,
I should bake it using a hurno.
Baking it following the traditional way,
though long and tasking,
is always better than the
fast and contemporary one.

I, too, should be careful of its temperature.
Leaving it too hot may burn it,
leaving it too low may leave it -
coarse, dense and heavy.
Incapable of rising in its own.
Moderation is necessary for it to grow.

I might consider pouring some tuba into it too.
Not only to make it last longer
but also to balance its taste.
I must understand;
it's not suppose to be too sweet
or too sour.

If I want it special,
then I should make it bigger than the ones
I've seen in grocery stores.
Top it with the sweet roughness of time,
sprinkle it with some creamy poems,
serve it with a hot sikwate,
and let it glide freely against my tongue.

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  1. Ang galing, it is like a life's realization, more of this Cristine!

  2. You are always so poetic, even when you write about baking you manage to turn it into a wonderful metaphor about the importance of patience. In life, like in baking it is important to take time to do certain things right and to invest love into it. I love cooking and I really enjoyed reading this. This looks yummy btw!

    1. Thank you dear :) glad you enjoyed reading it!

  3. So nice!
    There's a giveaway on our blog and we would like that you join it :)

  4. wow naman!!! ang deep! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  5. It is so lovely, sensual and even a little arousing but maybe that is just me reading into it. I just love the rubbing driftwood and something gliding on your tongue. Very sexy! Lots of love, sweetie!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. haahha lmao I shall leave you to your thoughts dear :) glad you enjoyed reading the poem though!

  6. Hello Tin! :) Again, you wrote terrific poem, I love how you compared love and cooking, in those things all you need is patience and not overdoing when it comes to ingredients of love and cooking, everything has to be perfect, but you have to learn about it from your own experience. Have a great evening, my dear friend :)

    1. Thank you dear :) Have a wonderful night/day as well, as always!

  7. Beautiful poem, sweet like a cake, Tin. Happy day, my friend.

    1. thank you Lenya :) love that, sweet like cake hehehe

  8. whoooaa! So deep and perfect, you'll never this is relevant to Torta. :)