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    I love weddings! I always think of it as something very sacred and special. It's a momentous event that binds two people who are one in love. It isn't only special for those are are getting wed but it is also special for the people who love them.

    Next week, one of my college friends is actually getting wed and I could only think of the best for her. I particularly excited to see her wedding dress soon which I am sure is as amazing as she is. If I were to be her stylist though, I would recommend only the best wedding dresses from Cocomelody for my friend. 

     My friend has a great bod but knowing her, I know she wouldn't want to show so much of her skin especially during her wedding. For that reason, I think backless Wedding Dresses would be great for her. Here are some of my favorites that are available in Cocomelody:
I love how this look traditional but at the same time, very stylish because of its backless detail. This might be something off-key for some ladies, but I love the simplicity and elegance in this dress. This dress also appeals to me like a silent poetry. :) This is perfect for my friend who values traditional moral values.
This mermaid style dress would also look very well on my friend because of its fit. I also love how this looks a whole lot fresher because of its pinkish color. This wedding dress is perfect for any brides who are bold enough to go against the conventional/traditional wedding gowns.
This classic V-neck gown is also perfect. I love how simple the details are in this one. No crazy bead work and cut, just plain beauty. The bomb in this dress? its sexy back and beautiful appliques! And look at how the ribbon made it more appealing? I absolutely love it! I think it's erfect if you are one of those brides who want a pop of color on their dress without having to go away to the traditional wedding gowns.

     Any bride would surely look good in my choices above. I love how those sexy backless wedding dresses can make any bride look effortlessly chic and sexy without having to show so much skin, which is just proper for an occasion like weddings.

      You may check more backless wedding dresses in Cocomelody for more choices by checking out their special offers

I hope you look chic and wonderful on your wedding. Try to make it more memorable by wearing an amazing dress that you can surely be proud of. I'll do the same someday ;)

And girls, if you are looking for evening dresses or wedding dresses, hope the store below will help. Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

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  1. Poetry is a great word to describe that dress, dear. So lovely! I like attendings weddings very much too, as long as it is not mine ;) Hugs and love -- Sham

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. coco melody have some really amazing dresses.. <3 <3

  3. I love weddings too! Great wedding dresses, this site has a lovely selection indeed. Thank you for your comment on my last post, I thought you might like it because I know you love history. I remember those excellent travel posts of yours where you always shared historical and general info with us---I always love reading that.


  4. I love the third dress, so lovely!

    The Flower Duet

  5. every woman with those dresses looks like a princess <3
    amazing, I love it a lot! <3

  6. Cocomelody has many of beautiful gowns/wedding dress for sure, I really like your selection, because each of this dress is special and unique and in my opinion each girl would be feel like a princess wearing such a dress (especially first one, looks like Cindarella's dress:)).

  7. Totally love all of them Tin! Congratulations to April! :) I wish her the best :)

    Rica |

  8. Weddings in general can be extremely expensive so it's great that there are sites like this offering budget options. Any idea if the quality is reliable?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. Pretty wedding dresses! I liked the traditional ones. If you ask me, in traditional dresses brides look gorgeous and there is no comparison between traditional and modern wedding dresses. We have shortlisted couple of Chicago wedding venues and after finalizing one, will look for dresses.