My Zalora Haul + Shopping Experience

       Recently, I signed up for ZaloraPH, an online shopping destination that provides an impressive collection of clothing apparel, shoes, necklaces and much more. They offer products that came from a very reliable source. It's something that made me feel confident that what I will purchase from them is something authentic and not just a replica of the product.. You know how replica or class A products are sold everywhere now right? especially online, so we need to be extra careful about it.

      I was looking for a fitness shoes and of course I did went all over the shopping centers and malls in tour city but I couldn't find the one that I was looking for. I decided to go online and try to check if I can find something that I love and that's how I started checking out Zalora.

       I only thought about buying a shoes but then I came across with a chic looking tote bag so I decided to buy it too. I will include my thoughts about my purchase and link the items, so if you want to have similar items, you can easily find them.

Original Price:PHP 3,595.00
Discounted Price: PHP 2,350.00
Paid Price: PHP 2,050.00
Delivering the best quality suited for the outdoors, this pair of Cardio Workout Low RS Training Shoes from Reebok is a great fitness essential. Featuring a low-cut silhouette, these shoes add highest mobility and breathability to your every movement. Made with enhanced comfort, this is the pair aligned to your lifestyle needs.

- Synthetic upper and inner
- Added mobility and breathability
- Low cut silhouette
- Lace up fastening
- High abrasion rubber sole

     I bought the shoes primarily to increase my motivation to strive to be fit and also because I do not have a sports shoes yet. So far I am loving how the shoes fit in my shoes. It stayed true to the size indicated on the website and it's very comfortable to wear.

     What I really plan before is to buy an all black or a black and white colored shoes from Nike, but when I saw the shoes above, I immediately fell in love with it. Not only because it was on sale at that time, but also because of the tiny hint of color in it. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I am more determined to do more exercise routine with my new shoes.

    As have read on the info. above, I only paid 2,050.00 for the shoes and that's because Zalora gives you 300php off if it's your first time shopping with them. How cool is that right?
Top Handle City Bag
Price: PHP 689.00

As what I've said above, I also bought a tote bag from Zalora. Although I couldn't say that it is very durable, I must say that the bag looks really good. I also think it is very functional. It can go along with a sophisticated or a casual look. I am planning to feature the bag in an ootd post soon so stay tune for that one.

     I also love the fact that the bag can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a hand bag. That's because you can easily detach thee sling that comes along with. The only thing that I didn't like about the bag is absence of a zipper in the main part inside the bag. But, nevertheless it's fine with me.

     Forgive me because I can not direct you to the link of the bag because it s no longer available. I guess the bag's already sold out. Don't worry though, because there are a lot of other bags in Zalora that works and looks fine as well. 

My Shopping Experience with ZaloraPH

     I enjoyed my shopping experience in Zalora. I thought my orders won't arrive on the day they promised but, fortunately it did! My doubt started when I sent them an email asking if I could change the mode of my payment. I got a confirmation email that they will send me a reply about my query in 24 hours. A day passed by but I still didn't received any reply from them. I got pissed and sent the another email asking why I never got any reply from my query. It was at that time that they gave me a clear answer to my question. They said they weren't able to send me a reply because the person assigned to do it was absent. Kaloka! It wasn't a very big deal but, are there no other people who can sub to the job of that certain person? I don't know. 

    In the end I was ecstatic because the package did arrived on the day it was promised. Another good thing about their delivery service is that the delivery guy will send you a text message to inform you if he is on his way to delivery your package. Also, you can pay for everything you've shopped by cash on delivery. No hassle in sending your payment to any bank or money transfer services if you are lacking time.

     And that's all for my Zalora haul and shopping experience. How about you guys, have you tried shopping at Zalora? If yes, how was your shopping experience? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks!

love lots,

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  1. pretty shoes *_*

  2. I am so enticed to order things from Zalora but always stopping myself. I do like the discounts they give but always doubting whether the product would look good once it is in my hands. Great you enjoyed your first order with them.

    1. hehee thank you Sir! can say that their products are good naman Sir but of course, dapat pa rin mag ingat! ehehe

  3. Oh no you bought the last bag!! I wanted one too :) Very cool shoes, dear! You have wonderful taste. Hugs and love -- Sham

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. oh my goodness! love it so much!
    it's classic and extremely gorgeous!
    I want one! hahahah!

    From Jakarta, Indonesia - with love, Imme ❤

  5. that bag looks so chic!!! great structure! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  6. Sounds like really great webstore with a lot of bargains and what is the most important thing - it's SO good that they sell original things only, not replicas with lower quality. Personally I also have to find motivation to workout, so you're right that it's the best to start from buying nice shoes for exercises first ;) What's more, the bag is also divine, it has great, timeless color and chic design, great choices, Tin!

  7. Great haul. The bag is cute. Sounds like a good thing, Tin. Wishing you a happy Easter, doll.

  8. I love that bag, soooo chic!! *-*
    I have a similar one and I adore it! ^-^

  9. Love to shop at Zalora too, its my new hobby lol.

    - Lily Widjaja

    1. hahaha it's really great shopping there! can't blame you! lelz

  10. sis! we be twining! i got the black and white nike shoes naman from zalora! and it was also a fitness motivation gift to self and my first ever purchase sa zalora. love the pop of color din in this shoes lalo na with a similar neon socks color ganda nyan :) i buy myself some fitness clothing item everytime i reach a fitness goal nakakamotive lalo :)

    1. awwww that sounds so great sis!!!! will try to do the same as well!!!

  11. Grabe daghan na kaayu kog napalit sa Zalora hahaha. I really love the personal touches that they make like the printed box and the sticker with your name on it :)

    1. ahaha yes!!! I do love that so much too Steph!!!

  12. This bag is lovely! I'm happy to hear that your shopping experience was positive.