Walk the Aisle with Landybridal Wedding Dresses

 Have you ever find yourself imagining your wedding day? Oh, well, I do. It's a little crazy how our imagination could take us, right? But who cares? imagination is free and it must be wild and free as it is!

      One of the things that I often think about is my future wedding dress. I always imagine how it would look like, I remember making my own designs and sketches just to give life to it. Of course, we wouldn't know for sure about those kind of details, but one thing I am sure of is that it must be made of some delicate laces! You probably know by now how gaga I am over laces, so obviously, my supposedly dress in a lifetime must have laces.

      If you are someone like me who also adores laces that much, maybe we might start checking for some inspirations as early as now. Recently while I was browsing through online catalogs, I've found a number of inspiring dresses in Landybridal. I love how the website offered so many choices for future brides all over the world.

      That's why I couldn't help but also pick some of my favorites haha. 
Here are my top finds from Landybridal :
If you are feeling like the queen darling of England, well long and sexy vintage lace wedding dresses like this one might be perfect for you! I love how simple and stunning it is. The wonderful flow and cut of its laces also adds a majestic drama to the whole look of the dress.

This is something that I would definitely wear. I think wearing this one would give anyone that royal feeling of being her own queen on her wedding day!
If you are inspired by the Disney princesses, a beautiful Ivory dress like this one would be the perfect fit for your dream fairy tale. A long train is the perfect match for its wide and blooming appearance.
The last piece where my heart fell into is in this short but very pretty dress! I know a number or probably most brides are into the traditional length, but I don't wanna close my eyes to possibilities like wearing something short like this dress.

I think short wedding dresses would be very flattering to those are aren't gifted with long spidey legs like me! I personally think that it also looks more playful and comfortable than long wedding gowns.

     If you are to be wed this year, don't look any farther and check Landybridal. However, if you are to be wed next year, don't be sad because they are also offering wedding dresses 2016 that you will surely love! Oh yes, they are waiting just for you.

     If you need your dress asap, but your budget is limited, happiness is right after you because they have free shipping offer until the 21st of this month. That is a gigantic gift because you know how much shipping fee costs these days right?

    Some brides these days turn into bridezellas because of so much stress but I must insist that it is always a matter of widening one's horizon. Not just about finding that perfect dress, but also in life.

love lots,

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  1. The first image is wonderful. Such a pretty wedding dress! I like that vintage lace dress too!


  2. ermergerd. basta ingon ani nga mga posts kay makahunahuna jud ka sa imong future wedding dress! :D


    1. hahahaha yea!!! lol
      wedding dress na wala pay groom! ahahha

  3. I don't imagine my wedding day but I love all the wedding dresses you choose :3


    1. hahha it's probably one of the things that are hard yet beautiful to imagine :)

  4. great post :) kisses!