Open House Experience in the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT)

    It always amaze me how unpredictable life could be. One second a bad news makes your day dark and gloomy, the next second, something good will come and brighten up your day.

    Last July 24, the workshop for the club I am advising was cancelled the day before the workshop was scheduled. I felt terrible about it because I was very excited about the said workshop. I felt like heaven had left me in a gloomy state. charot! But then when I opened my Facebook account, I saw some of my blogger friends posting about a workshop that will be held in IAFT. A few minutes later, a student of mine asked for my permission if he can go to IAFT because the academy will have an open house. I couldn't help myself but to ask our school principal if I can go with my students. Thanks heavens, our school principal said YES! hahaha I felt like a guy receiving a big yes after asking a girl out. lol not that I'm a guy ahahha Thanks Ma'am Joy! Ma'am Joy is really the best!

   The International Academy of Film and Television or IAFT is a film school in Cebu that offers hands on educational experience that showcases Hollywood roots and traditions. It currently offers diploma and certificate in film making, 3D animation and the performing arts. The school also provides workshops and open house where everyone can have the chance to see what it's like to be in the world of cinema.

     I've never heard nor seen IAFT before so I was completely amazed when we arrived at the school. lol I didn't even know how to commute going there. It was my students who led me the way. haha My excitement got me a little crazy when I saw the huge building. Of course, my students and I took so many pictures. lelz The perks of being a millenial!
The open house started at 1:30 PM but because of so many reasons, we arrived late. Arriving at past 2 isn't a very bad anyway, so the time didn't became a big issue for us. We just want to take a good look inside IAFT, that's all, period.
   As what one can expect from an open house, we were toured inside the different rooms of IAFT. First stop for us is their stage and production room where IAFT students can perform and shoot films.
Our tour guide (the guy in pink plaid) showed us the area that they used as a hotel lobby. He said they used the place to shoot something like the scene in the film The Shining. I was like yeah! this place reminds me of that film. FYI, The Shining is a horror film based on a novel written by Stephen King. It's not a crazy film, but it's pretty good. If you haven't watched it yet, then maybe you should. hehehe
He also showed us their props room where they keep their props. Those paintings above are just some of their props.
    Then we went into the filming area where we saw the green room and some of IAFT's really dope camera and lights.
    It's in that area where we met Trevor. Trevor is one of the school's prized teacher. He is a film maker himself who shares his knowledge to IAFT students'. He has been making/shooting films for so many years already. He even used to work for BBC before and has done shooting commercials for brands like Bench.
    Trevor showed us some of the basic tricks in using the lights and the camera. He wanted us to see how they shoot a film using the green backdrop so he asked for some volunteers in the audience. My students' Seth and Hilary gladly took the shot! So proud of my angels!!!
    The shooting begun with all the lights facing the two of them. They have to portray a driving scene where one is the driver and the other one is basically just a passenger sitting next to the one driving. My student Hilary acted as the driver while Seth acted like the passenger.

    Trevor filmed them using the green backdrop because the film will soon be edited where my students' will look like they are really on the road driving a car.
    Trevor also showed us different lighting techniques on how to highlight the subject that the film have to focus. Of course, I volunteered! hahaha I'm in the second photo above ;) hahaha kapalmuks lelz

     I acted with a guy who is actually an acting student in IAFT. Trevor asked us to talk naturally and calmly. We managed to do the job by asking each other basic questions about ourselves. That's how I found out that he is a student in IAFT. During our conversation I asked him why he study acting. He said he wants to become a more interesting person that's why. I wasn't expecting that kind of answer but his answer was a good one. So if you guys want to become more interesting, go study acting in IAFT! hahaha

    Felt so happy when Trevor said we did a great job and we are natural actors as we look very natural in our camera. Almost like we weren't acting! Of course, we were just talking back then hahaha.
   My student Hilary was all smiles listening to Trevor. I love seeing genuine smiles like the one she had in the photo. I would love to take more photos of such kind of smile.
Hello there Amelie! Is life really fabulous?
    After taking a quick tour in their editing and storage room, we were led in another room where we were introduced to the the world of producing films.
My brilliant and talented students' Hilary, Seth Lucas and Kyla! The future of the film industry! hehe
One of my amazing students', Kyla! This girl's gonna be a filmmaker someday so watch out for her! hahaha
    Mark (photographed above) talked to us about producing films. How it is done and the primary functions of a producer. It was only then that I found out that the main task of a producer is to organize the shooting schedule. The producer is the one who will decide what scene is to be shoot including the budget and the shooting location.
    Mark also let us watched one of the films made by some students' in IAFT. A really beautiful and heart warming film!
     Afterwards, he showed us a copy of the movie's script and how they break down the scenes in shooting a film. How cool is that?
    After listening to Mark about producing a film, another speaker was introduced to us. We were introduced to JM who shared to us inspiring insights about script writing. Perhaps my favorite part of the tour. ehheehe

    JM gave us a short but very energetic and compelling workshop about writing. Time went by so fast but I must say that we definitely learn so many things from JM. Not just about writing, but also about dealing life as an artist. He even shared to us some of his favorite books which helped him in so many ways as a writer. I could only wish we had more time to learn more with him!

     The whole tour in IAFT's open house was a wonderful experience for me. Taking a glimpse inside the school just made me want to study more. June 20, 2015 was a beautiful day after all. Oppss..its not July 20 but July 24 haha my bad. My July 20 was sad and empty. charot! The man I love told me he doesn't love me. Now that's a good thing to film, isn't it? Gotta start writing a script now. Ciao! ;)

love lots, 

For more information about the International Academy of Film and Television, you may visit their official website:
You may also check them about on their social media accounts:
By the way, IAFT will conduct weekend workshops starting this Saturday, August 8, 2015. Stay tuned and check them out for more info.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing experience! It really is true that we never know what we happen next. Opportunities are always there if we don't get to run over by life to take notice...that's why it is important to stay proactive no matter what.

    1. Couldn't agree more with you Ivana! Lifes so full of twists and turns and those things just makes life more exciting! <3

  2. wow!
    this seems like a great experience.

    Ms. Kei

  3. Replies
    1. It is! one of the most rewarding and memorable day of my life :)

  4. A place full of such creativity! Wonderful place to bring young people, show them their lives can go a different direction if they feel like it. So funny they had to lead you there, I bet they liked that. This was an amazing opportunity and I am so glad you all got to visit there. Very jealous! Much love, dear! Stay well -- Sham

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. It is! I'm beyond grateful of being there! Visit the place once you visit Philippines Shamu! <3

  5. What an amazing experience for you!! Yes, it's true that life is unpredictable, but that's what's beautiful about it. No matter how down or depressed you may be, it is inevitable that things will turn around for the better <3

  6. Such an amazing experience, Christine. Sorry to read that he doesn't love you (((()))) You do that, start writing about it, it will clear your head and maybe it will clear your heart as well.
    big hugs, girl

    1. Thank you Lenya! It was heartbreaking for me at first but then, I think I'm starting to outgrow my loneliness :)
      I really hope so my dear. Thanks a lot for your lovely words. I really appreciate them! You are the sweetest!!!

  7. Wow, I'm so happy that you was able to been there with your students, sounds like amazing experience :) And sad to hear that the man, with whom you fell in love said that you doesn't love you, but like you mentioned here - it could be great story for script, so be brave and I send to you a lot of hugs, dear, remember that you're amazing woman, Tin!

    1. It is an amazing experience dear! enough to make me forget for a while that I am not loved haha. Thank you very much for your support my dear, you are one of the most amazing woman I know as well! Couldn't thank you enough, thank you, thank you! I hope someday I'd be loved too :)

  8. I love how you speak about your students and how proud of them you are! You must be one amazing teacher and surely the students look up to you! :) hehe, I would!
    I loved reading this article as I don't know much about film industry other than watching a movie at home or at the cinema! :D Therefore, I did found out new things that will make me look at this industry a bit differently as I am a bit wiser now! :)

    1. I'm still trying to be the best teacher that I can be Maddie. I'm not sure if they do, but I do hope somehow, they do. hehhe
      Thank you and you are welcome! I don''t know much about the industry too ahhaha

  9. this sounds really awesome an interesting
    Looks like you had so much fun

  10. What a great experience dear! ^-^

  11. amazing post :)

  12. Hi Crisitine! Greetings from IAFT! We saw this blog post of yours and can't help but be flattered because you and your students are having so much fun during the Open House. We will be having another Open House soon and we would like to invite you again! You can reach me at if you have any questions.

    IAFT Cebu have lots of events, so to keep yourself posted follow us in our facebook page. We hope to see you again. :D