A Pretty Smile and A Pretty Dress

     Hey guys! How have you been doing? I hope you are all fine and well. As for me, I’m still a little exhausted with all the work that I have to do. I spend most of my free time working but I’m looking at the bright side of the future. You know how changes come as swift as the wind. Who knows I’d be provided with more than enough time to relax real soon.

     Anyway, I attended a post wedding celebration of someone very special in the school I am working for. I love weddings as much as I love birthdays. I love checking out how the bride looks like. Her makeup, her dress, her bouquet, well, almost everything!

     I guess we can all agree that the bride must be the most beautiful girl in her wedding day right? But I believe that you don’t have to be the bride to be the most beautiful version of yourself. Perhaps what you exactly need is your most genuine smile and a pretty dress!
     And who said you have to have the most expensive dress? You don’t have to. There are cheap bridesmaid dresses of Modadress that you can actually use in any occasions not just during a wedding celebration. You can wear a bridesmaid dress maybe for your upcoming prom or for an elegant party.
      You may think that it would be very costly but it’s not. You just have to find the best clothing store that could cater your needs. We are very lucky that in our generation we don’t have to look farther because online shops like Modadress makes our search easier. I love how they offer so many variety of bridesmaid dresses in great style and quality without a very high price. That sounds like a really good deal right?

    If you looking for a cheap but a really good bridesmaid dress, then you probably have to check Modadress in this link: http://www.modadress.co.uk/
 Good luck to your search and if you are also looking for the best accessories to match your dress, don’t look farther, just let out that beautiful curve in your face! Say cheeeessseee!! Hehe

P.S I am very sorry if I don't visit your blogs that often anymore :( I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm just too busy to squeeze in bloggin into my new work now. I'm still adjusting. I hope you will understand.

Love lots,

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  1. i agree - bride must be the most beautiful girl in the wedding! i love white, classic dresses or creme/nude :) good thing is gold accent!


    1. That's definitely true dearest! thanks a lot for the visit! :)

  2. Love your blog :) Happy Monday!


  3. Those dresses are so stunning
    very beautiful

  4. I am a big fan of weddings too, but I hate receptions afterwards. Here in the US anyway, they are almost all the same, very boring and dopey. If I ever get married again I will have my reception at the drive in movie :) I was very happy to read your PS. It never bothers me when people stop visiting my blog but when someone I really care about stops I worry I have somehow offended. Poor self esteem me. So your note there really helped me quite a bit. One less person to worry about :) Much love dear!

  5. omg!! dont stress too much on not being able to visit blogs.. pareho tayo.. I'm on and off with the blog surfing kasi work has been taxing and i just came back from vacay, so parang I'm still trying to catch up with everything!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  6. Pretty dresses! <3


  7. All dresses are amazing

  8. Great selection, I haven't heard about this webstore before, but it has great dresses :) And don't worry about blogging, dear, I'm in the same situation like you are and I'm totally understand you, Tin :)


  9. Lovely dresses, I have to check the site! ^-^
    Kisses :*

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  11. wow! you have a new work? awesome, still you can blog :)


  12. Hi, just wanted to let you know that my blog has moved to a new domain:


  13. Wow I am in love with the choices! they all looks so pretty. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



  14. Hope you're having amazing day, dear :)