Cebu LitFest 2015

     Last Saturday, Cebu had its second literary festival held at Ayala Center Cebu. I witnessed the first literary festival, but I wasn't able to blog about it. I learn so many things last year from the free interviews and workshops where award-winning Filipino writers shared their views and knowledge about writing.

   I thought I would never experience such a wholesome experience again, until I saw an update in Facebook that LitFest will be held again this year. I was more than happy and I just can't wait for it.
The day finally arrived and here are some of the shots I took from the event:
     Carlos Celdran came to talk about his art. He shared to us his narratives about Imelda and the Intramuros. I actually felt like I'm in a Philippine history class just because Mr.Celdran shared so many historical facts about our country. I never learn some of them before.
    He shared to us a seal which is also used by San Miguel. I totally forgot the others that used the seal, so if you recognize the one in the photo, enlighten me in the comment section below. hehe
    He also spent some time to be interviewed where Cebuanos are free to ask him almost about everything. There was even someone who did asked him about his thoughts with the presidential bet Mayor Duterte of Davao, and we have the same thoughts.
Bawal mag-drama 'pag na picture-ran ka hahaha
Goodies like these amazing jars and cute cards from Happy Garaje were displayed near the activity area.
Handmade journals were also sold by Papersandtschai 
Must have books written by talented Cebuano writers were also displayed. If only I had enough money to buy them all! hahaha
Badges showing Litfest's official logo were also sold. I should have bought one for myself but then I thought about economics so I just saved my money.
    The day was jam packed with everything literary.There were actually a number of events scheduled, but I was only able to witness two-the narratives of Carlos Celdran and the book launch interview between the legendary Resil Mojares and Jessica Zafra.

     I wasn't able to witness so many events that day because I had more important appointments. Nevertheless, attending Cebu's second LitFest was very rewarding for me. I hope the second time won't be the last time. And hopefully, I wont be too busy for LitFest 2016. I am looking forward to learn more about life and literature.

love lots,

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  1. Looks like an amazing event, Christine. Happy for you that you had time to enjoy a bit.

  2. Looks interesting! Love your blog, keep up the good work :)

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  3. Great post!

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  4. I didn't have much time to see all the events when I attended something similar to this early this month. There were hundreds of books around and I just couldn't buy them. There were so many simultaneous workshops and talks happening at the same time I couldn't pick all. It was fun and I am happy that we have such a thing, though smaller in scale, in the Philippines.

  5. My sister went to this event since they were required sa school. Linguistics major man gud xa. Haha. I miss you na Tin!

  6. How wonderful that something so important was celebrated. Culture, especially culture specific to a people or a region, is so important to preserve. The internet has a bad side effect of making things more and more the same. Great shots dear. Love and love some more :) Sham

  7. Sounds like great event and what is the most important - good to hear that you have learnt something about writing from these workshops and free interviews, it's amazing that proffesional writers shared with their tips with others :) Have a great Friday, Tin!

  8. That looks like an interesting event. Want to follow each other? Just let me know if you did so that I can follow you back too. Much love! ♥

  9. Wish I could attend events like this. I'm such a huge fan of Jessica Zafra. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Miss Eleigh Neux | Bloglovin

  10. Those events surely look very interesting, I would love to attend events like that as I am a huge book nerd! Yesss for reading, hehe :D
    Luckily since I quit my job and graduated from University and have the whole remaining summer off I will be able to read more as so far I have red only few books this year due to being super busy!
    Hopefully there will be a litfest next year and you'll be able to attend more events!

  11. I love such events. I'm a very avid reader! I hope I will be able to visit such a literary event some day.

    I always say I'm not a shoppingholic but books are my great passion. I don't allow myself to go anywhere near bookstores or book stands if my financial situation doesn't allow a new purchase, because I know it would be very hard for me to resist buying a book I like.

  12. I forgot to mention that I really like the photographs you took...perhaps you could write a bit about writers from your coutry? I would be interested to know more.

  13. Such a lovely post :))
    xoxo Antonella

  14. Have a great day, Tin :)

  15. great post :) have a nice Sunday:)

  16. tiiin seriously you make me want to visit cebu again. im not so much into events like this but the way you portray cebu kasi, pwedeng pwede kana maging ambassador --- plus i also wanna visit those dainty cafes that you mentioned before and meet you guys there! i noticed mga taga cebu ng blogsphere are extra extra friendly!

    how cute are those badgezzz!

  17. Looks and sounds great. I would love to visit Philippines.

  18. omg!! this is a cool event and i missed it. :D


  19. thank you so much for your amazing made my day!!!!!!!!

  20. Have a great week ahead, dear Tin :)

  21. woooow!!!
    It was great spend time!

    have an amazing day :)
    keep in touch :)

  22. How are you, my dear friend? I hope that everything is ok and I'm here to tell you that I can't wait for your next post, Tin :)

  23. Great event!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  24. thank you for your visit to my blog:) I'm fine....I hope you are too! I can imagine how busy you are, I remember how consuming teaching is. I'm not working as a teacher right now, but I remember how hard it is to organize one's time when one is a teacher.

    Have a nice day!