10 Dove Street Cafe/Dessert Restaurant Review

       It's a beautiful thing to know that Cebu City is continuously progressing. It is shown by the number of new cafes and restaurants all over the place. I've been living in Cebu for most of my life and I'm still surprise and curious of what my city has to offer me.

       My best friend Sam and I went to visit one of the most promising cafe/restaurant in Cebu. It is the beautiful and dainty eating destination located at Oakridge Business Park, the 10 Dove Street cafe/dessert restaurant.The establishment's existence isn't new to me, but it was only this summer when I had the perfect chance to visit the place. Fact: they named the restaurant from the street where it was originally located before. 10 Dove Street is a street located somewhere in Banilad. It wasn't long since they transfer to another location.

      Sam and I went there twice for her 21st birthday's photo shoot. My friend wanted some place private and romantic looking and I just know 10 Dove Street is the perfect place so I immediately recommended her the place.

       Here are some of the shots I took around the place, including some of my thoughts about the food we've ordered. As you can see, the place has a romantic vibe going on. It's clean and simply beautiful. The whole place actually reminds me of Simply J's because they both gave me the same impression. The place, I must say is perfect for an intimate eating experience like a Valentines date.
     10 Dove Street is a two-storey establishment where you are free to choose where you want to be seated except when the place is full or when early reservations were already made.
In that case, their friendly staffs will help you find the most comfortable table.

      We were handed a very cute menu for us to place our orders. While waiting for our orders, we were given a saucer of bread sticks and a very cute bird cage (the pink thing in the photo) which is actually a bell for us to press if ever we want to add more. So cool!!! And I actually fooled around pressing it just to see if it really works. I don't think it did though because nobody came to ask us about our orders after I pressed it. Lol Sam was like 'Tin Noooo!!!!--' hahahaha

      We did have fun taking photos all over the place while waiting for our orders to come, but man, we waited for almost an hour! I started to get so pissed about it because I had to go to work after. It's just so annoying and it's probably the longest time that I waited for a food order to come. Gutom na mga alaga ko sa tiyan lol

      Sam and I both decided to order The 10 Dove Street Experience which costs 275.00 pesos. It includes a soup,  a salad, and a dessert of your choice. I was surprised and amazed by how cheap it is considering the size of the order. I chose the following as my order:
 This is one of the best soup I ever had. The taste is just right and the its cheesiness is perfect. Not too creamy/cheesy just right.
 Salads were served next and I was very satisfied with my choice. I love the combination of mango and chicken plus, I am confident that it was healthy as it was served with yogurt as a dressing.
     This sandwich seems more of a burger to me than a sandwich. Lol. I do not have any complain about this though because it is so yummy! The beef actually tasted like our very own adobo.
     Cakes were served last together with our Chamomile tea which I added in my set. Just like their other cakes, Avocado-Pandan cake looks very appetizing. Sadly, it didn't taste great as how it looks. My friend and I agreed that its frosting is really good, but the cake itself tasted like the regular cakes we've tasted from a local bakeshop. I'm not even kidding and those regular cakes by the way costs only 5 pesos per slices.

     I felt like I paid 85.00php for a cake frosting. I was a bit disappointed with their good looking cakes because I had very high expectations about how it would taste. But it doesn't really tasted that bad, it tasted 'okay'. The avocado topping btw is so bitter. Bitter than my heart chos! Seriously, it's so bitter that I had to eat candies just to get rid of its bitterness in my mouth.

Sam ordered this but we forgot to take note of its name. It's just a regular wheat bread and butter with a macaroni that doesn't smell appetizing.My friend didn't even finish her order because it's just a plain "meh".
     In our scheduled photo shoot day, my best friend Sam bought us the following. This time, everything is perfect!
     This sandwich is really good. It contains tuna, cheese and some veggies. Contrary to its name, this made me feel so full and heavy. lelz.
This cake is amaaazing! But then again, maybe it's just the frosting. lol. But still, this is really good!
    I haven't tried this one, but my friend said that this is perfect for those who loves chocolates but doesn't want it to go that much.
      Of course, we partnered our cakes and sandwiches with a cup of tea!

      10 Dove Street is a good place if you want some desserts and something light to eat. The place is beautiful and you can always have your own privacy in its location. If you are really hungry, it's not the best place for you. I do not know exactly why but it always took them so long to serve their foods even if the place isn't really crowded when we went there. It's one thing that I do not like about the place.
    Talking about their staff and services, everybody were polite and very accommodating. They will really cater to your needs, which is something that I really like about them.

10 Dove Street is located at Oakridge Business Park, 880 A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City.
The establishment is open daily from 10:00AM-10:00PM. They are open for bookings, walk-ins welcome, good for groups or parties, takeaway, delivery and catering.
Contact them with these numbers for more information: (032) 418-1010, (032) 318-3674, 0917-625-7013
Or visit their Facebook account HERE.

love lots,

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  1. The place looks cozy and beautiful. Love the light soft interior colors. And the food looks delicious. Happy weekend, Christine.

    1. It is indeed a cozy and a beautiful place Lenya :)

  2. The place looks clean and well organized,the food looks yummy.

  3. Omg it looks sooooo cute!!


  4. Mixed reviews but very honest. The owners should be able to read your reviews and act quick to solve some of the problems. The place looks divine though what with the decors and smaller details. If ever I pass by Cebu, please show me around.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Sir! Sure, let me know when! ehhehe it would be great honor for me to do that! :)

  5. Well if they give you a button of course you MUST push the button, right? Who dosen't push the button? ;) Sounds like you were there so long I might have been pushing something other than the button. And that macaroni and hot dogs mixture looks dreadfull. Glad you had a better time on your second trip. And now, a word from the complain department: Where is lovely you? I count on seeing that beautiful smile to brighten my day and you are no where to be seen :) I hope your week goes wonderfully sweet one. Many kisses and love

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. haha now that's funny! Ahh didn't post photos of myself because I don't want to overshadow the review lol hahha
      Have a wonderful week as well Shamu and thank you for always :)

  6. cant get over the name 10 dove street -- so cute! lol at the bell situation, here din there was a cafe with the same bell thing pero the waiters respond to hand signals more than the bell.
    akala ko those are mini fingers sticking out of the sandwich hhahah.

    1. ahahha LOL
      sana they'll respond na next time hehe

  7. You have such interesting dining experiences. 😊 I'd visit Cebu just for the food lol. Great review Lovely.

  8. cute place!!! and gosh, making me crave for sopas!!! aaahh!! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  9. Sounds like you spent amazing time with your friend, dear! I really like photos of these food, especially that salad with mango looks delicious and it good to hear that you was pleased with that choice ;) Moreover it's sad to hear that the cake with avocado wasn't good as you thought, Tin :) Hope you had amazing weekend, Tin and that everything is ok with your moving to another living place, dear :)


    1. Thanks a lot my dear! The foods are delicious and the place is fairly good. I hope you are having a wonderful time as well, dearest :)
      It's almost 2 months since I moved to another living place now. I've adjusted a bit, but still there are a number of things for me to do. I am currently getting by :)

  10. love the interior of this resto and nagutom ako sa post mo. Sayang naman the cakes if the frosting didn't taste good. Love the names especially your order :D the serving okay din.

  11. Nice place.


  12. What a lovely place! The food and presentations look amazing. Wonderful review! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  13. Looks like a great spot!! The food looks really good <3


  14. I love 10 Dove St. I am so happy when I found out they have new location to accommodate and open for all. Their restaurant is located inside the Sto Nino Village in Banila and literally in 10th Dove St. :D mas duol sa house. :3


  15. sounds like a great restaurant/cafe. Too bad the cakes were not what one would expect! Well, you can't win them all as they say;)

    thank you for sharing!


  16. Cute place

    New post :

  17. everything is so dainty..


  18. Food pic always make me drooling Xp.