Theater Make Up

     Hello everyone! Sorry for my long hiatus in blogging :) As a graduating student, I've been bombarded by a battalion of projects, making me a busy bee. hehe
    One of our final requirement is to produce a theatrical performance, that means we need a lot of things to prepare, not to mention time,money, effort and of course-make up! Our professor taught us the basics of theater make up weeks before we will have our play. Some of my co-actors/classmates asked me to do their make up for our upcoming play. Here are some of the make up look I did for them.

Make up for Metchelli
Metchelli will play the role of Donya Francisca :)
Make up for Charmaine
Charmaine will play the role of Divina- a kikay and always "on trend" teenager.
Make up for Joanna
My favorite model and best friend played the role of Marie, a spoiled 17 year old girl.
Joanna acted for another play but I still did her make up for their pictorial.

 I did my own make up for my role :)
I will be playing the role of Dolores-a rich and strict woman lol
wala akong make up artist! LOL
This one's not a make up for the play
I was just bored last week, next thing I grabbed my make up brushes and did a Kryz Uy inspired make up on my face. haha. achieved ba? :p

By the way, here's a soft copy of the poster we printed for our play- What Happened Last Night. I'll save the details of the play for another post soon :)

Thank you so much for reading my blog :)
Tell me your thoughts in the comment box below.
See you <3

love lots,

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  1. Wow great job with the make ups! Would you like to do my make up sometime ;D?

  2. I loove the third one! Yung pink and purple it reminds me of candies haha love!! Good luck and advance happy graduation!! ♡♡

  3. oonga sis! achieve yung kryz uy eye make up sobra! very pretty <3 tutorial pliz :)

  4. Amazing make-up. The eyes are all so great and detailed! Wanna do mine? haha. Thanks for your comment & I would love to see your art! I'm already following dear, I hope you will too!


    i can’t afford my lifestyle

  5. love it! achieve na achieve yung eye makeup :) good job! congrats on you graduation :)

  6. I see kaya pala when just looking at your photo "parang may kahawig siya" and yep Kryz Uy nga! Galing! <3

  7. GREAT JOB TIN!!! Congrats on the Play!

  8. Great job! Love all of the makeup looks <3 Gusto ko matuto mag contour haha.

  9. Wow, Tin you're great with makeup! and achieve ang Kryz uy look :))


  10. very nice look dear,
    i so love it.


    keyti of brushesandpens

  11. thank you so much for leaving a very sweet comment back on my back. I really appreciate it :) Yes I would love to follow you, so I'm currently following you on Bloglovin. Hope you too would do the same :)Thanks again & stay in touch. Kisses from Singapore