Postcards from Danao

See you again Danao

Aie..half face lng si Mhamie :p
Di naman pala ako kasali
The sign says not to put your feet in the chair. Look what the birthday gurl
The selfie Queens 
 The twins aka sisters: Shiena and Lara
 from L-R: Katy, Mhamie Shiena, Lara (Shiena's younger sis), me)
Our humble birthday surprise

 Oopps we almost made her cry
 Here we go again
If you need to breathe you got my breath

let our soul connection bring you alive today

Like the tide embraces the sea

It's too late for all of the regrets, no time to start where we began 

Brief story about the photo above: Right before I took a ride back to the city a dog from the park was hit by a motorbike. The dog shook vigorously just before it die. The motorbike driver saw the dog and stop but didn't do something and just stare. I too just did nothing but stare. I don't know why but the image of a dying dog before my eyes made me so sad.
     Another time of year spent gathering with my high school besties. Spent the whole night at Green Lagoon Park to celebrate my friend Shiena (mhamie)'s 20th birthday. The party isn't a blast and something headache giving happenings took place. Nevertheless we enjoyed each other's company. The night was spent laughing, loving, and reminiscing memories from our high school days, in short having fun.
        As much as we love to stay we took a ride back to the city at 5 in the morning (Katy and I have school appointments). I arrived home at 7AM and went straight to school at 8. You can only imagine how "sabog" I looked like.haha. Danao is a piece of heaven but made more ethereal by my friends. The place is worth the visit and we can't wait to visit the place again soon.

Enjoy the photos above.
Love lots,

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  1. Looks like fun time.. but oh, poor dog. I would be sad to see that too :(
    Lara Lizard

  2. Looks like you really had some fun and great time with your friends! I am happy to see that! :)
    And the pictures of the sea and the sunset are so beautiful!
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  3. Such a happy moment, love the view! :D

  4. Aww that looked like so much fun. Poor doggie :( R.I.P. I wouldn't know what to do in that situation either.
    Olive Needs Popeye
    Join the Blog Fun

  5. Nice photos :) I enjoyed reading your post

  6. looks like you had so much fun!!! :D i'd love to see davao one day!

    Animated Confessions

  7. aww i would have cried, soft spot ko talaga dogs cause ive been a dog owner for many years. anywayz happy birthday to your friend! looks like you girls had a great time and the scenery pics are nice :)