On A Shoestring to Cebu Zoo

Hello guys! Save the nature, save my future! I'm not looking in the camera to look sincere. lol

1st pic: Look snakeeeeeesss!!!
2nd pic: o-oh, big snakes...not touching those!!!

Can you spot the snake's head? :D


Rudolph's sad :(

Say Cheese!!!!!
Yes, you can touch the snakes and take some pictures with them. They're trained alright? and it's for free! You can ask the zoo attendants to take your pictures, they're very friendly.

Who loves Cheese? :D

I'm one proud sister of this brave little boy! 

Meet Marianno- a 63 year old crocodile. He's huge but worry not he had a huge heart too :) he doesn't bite anyone. According to the zoo keeper, Marianno's been trained to get close contact with people. Well at least he haven't bite anyone yet lol

I'm fat and brave and I love it! hahaha
If you're gonna ask me how does a crocodile's skin felt like,it feels like a hard rubber like a tire or something, same like the snake's skin.
Marianno's feet, told ya he's big!

More crocs

This one's not a croc,this one's an Iguana

This dude can talk!
I didn't know this Parrot could talk until he does. I thought he was just making some bird sounds but when he talked and talked.I realized he was trying to say Hi and Hello. And god, he's so cute,look at those blue eyes!!!

Watcha starin' at?

Cuteness overload!!!!

The Road Not Taken
Hello! We're going home.Bye-bye!!!

     Taking a break from a hectic schedule is one way of relieving stress and adding more enjoyment in life. Since the end of the first semester I feel like doing something new or travelling far from home. First semester's very disappointing for me *something personal,not the kind of thing you wanna hear and the second one bores me a lot*. I don't know why but I hardly had any appetite with all those school b*llsh*ts (sorry for the word)
      To take my time to review my life and everything else in between, I've been looking for something new to do. Fortunately, I got a copy of Sunstar's Bisdak Magazine featuring Cebu Zoo. The article was really interesting so I thought I might visit the place. I haven't been in a zoo for a very long time and my baby brother haven't visit any zoo yet. I didn't have much money with me, thus this trip is on a shoestring. Thanks to our mom though, she prepared us some snacks to splurge on when we get there.
     If you're living around the city and looking for new ways to have some fun,why not try visiting Cebu Zoo? The place might give you another angle of life :)

How To Get There:
(info. from Sunstar Magazine and from my experience)
-From the Capitol's side, ride a motorcycle passing Opra and Brgy. Kalunasan.
- You can also pass through Sudlon,Brgy.Lahug passing the Beverly Hills. Motorcycle rides are also available.
-If you can afford a taxi, that's good, but you won't enjoy sunshine and cool air :p
-If you own a private vehicle,that's also fine, saves you a lot, but you won't be able to help motorcycle drivers earning for a living :D
- Motorcycle ride costs 25php-30php

Entrance to the zoo costs:
- 25php for adults
-10 php for kids

The Zoo is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM everyday.

Taking pictures with the animals is absolutely FREE :)

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  1. Really wanna visit Cebu :(


  2. Looks like you really had fun there Tin. Its a shame i nga wapa ko kaanha :3


  3. The place looks interesting! :)

    Ericka of http://myfashionfelicity.blogspot.com (by the way, I changed my blog address. hahahaha!)

  4. OMG Tin!! wa ka nahadlok?? HEHEH. nice photos palangga au nmu imu baby bro :)


  5. @Stephanie: Aw Steph,ako manghud sa wala hehehhe <3

  6. Awesome photographs. How could you hold those snakes?! They are huge and you are brave. >.< :O

    Olive Needs Popeye

  7. Oh gosh, I am so, so afraid of snakes! I could never go so close to them as they freak me out! :D


  8. oh gosh, it's been a while since I've been to a zoo!! cool photos!

    Animated Confessions

  9. Now I miss being a kid. We used to go to zoos din back then with my parents and my brothers :D I scroll lang fast kasi I'm afraid you have photos of birds :O I'm afraid of feathers - weird human being. haha

  10. lovely blog :)

  11. lovely blog :)

  12. Just looking at that yellow snake gives me the creeps! But I want to take a photo with it though haha Britney Spears lang ang peg!


  13. pila plete kaha sa taxi from eskina Sudlon?

  14. @anonymous: Don't have any idea. Wala ko nag taxi man padong ngadto maybe a little pricey kay layo2x man cya