Barbie Pictorial

Barbie inspired make-up
Barbie: Joanna Lanojan
Shoot Location: Plaza Independencia
MUA/Photographer/Stylist: yours truly
Dress: from my sister's wardrobe
Accessories: Model and stylist's 

     Long blond hair, colorful sweet eyes, flawless skin, who wouldn't recognize Barbie with these descriptions?One word to describe Barbie- beautiful!. No wonder my friend Joanna fell in love with that doll and wants to copy her looks.
     Yesterday, Joanna and I set a schedule for a Barbie themed pictorial. We actually thought about it since last year but it was only this year that we were able to come up with a perfect timing. I got my new camera last month and bought new cosmetics last week so everything was all set.
     Truth is I never really liked Barbie. I mean, I never played a Barbie doll for a long time since I was a child and I never let her lived in my childhood memories.char But my friend Joanna is different she LOVE Barbie a lot, the reason why she's been ranting me about making her look like her favorite childhood toy,Barbie!
    Posted above are some photographs during our Barbie pictorial. I love how everything turns out great. From her make-up to her outfit,everything's so Barbie.haha  Barbie's supposed to have a straight, long, blonde hair but we don't have any blonde wig available :( good thing, Joanna managed to borrow her sister's hair extensions so Barbie:The Island Princess is our I love how I  achieved her Barbie look despite of the seemingly limited time we have. Her make-up alone took me an hour to finish phew! I even thought we couldn't finish doing the pictorial but somehow we did and I'm very grateful about it.
     Feast your eyes and let me know what you think on your comments below. This post is for all Barbie lovers out there. Hope you like it!

love lots,

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  1. So cute pics, very Barbie-like :D! I really liked Barbie as a kid, by then it was more about disco and neon colors than princessy stuff tho, as I was a kid in the 1980's and Barbie was very trendy :D
    x, Lara

  2. Seja bem vinda! Eu já te sigo! ;D

    Corujas são tudo de bom, né?! Amo, amo e amo! rs!

    Gostei das fotos!

    Ótimo sábado!

    Beijo! ^^

  3. JOng is soooo cute! great job Tin!

  4. Beautiful girl ,hi i am from brazil i like your style and your blog
    i hope you in my blog

  5. Thank you for following me!! I followed you back :)

    xx, Edda

  6. I love the concept and the make-up! I didn't get to play with Barbie too. I had one. But I broke it's neck off after a week and threw it away. hahaha!

  7. Beautiful pictures! I actually wasn't a big fan of barbie either, I liked playing with her friends instead haha. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I returned your follow ;D Best, CD. ican'taffordmylifestyle

  8. so cute.. naiingit ako. ;P Happy New Year!


  9. wow Tin, you're good! I love the make-up so so much and the dress is so adorable <3 Wish you could do my make up too :)

  10. Those are such fun and colorful photos! :) You look adorable in that dress- pink is your color! :)

  11. You look very pretty!

  12. Love this Barbie post! I'm such a Barbie fan so I loved all the photos! You looked real pretty <3

  13. Oh very cute pics, lovely dress!

  14. wow you look like barbie!!!awesome!! keep it up dear!!

  15. galing!! she looks pretty :) i want a barbie shoot too :) sis next peg disney princess naman!

  16. So pretty! I love barbie and I'm such a BI to my niece haha. Joana is so cute! Wish to have this kind of pictorial as well ^^

  17. Hey Tin! Great shoot, I love Barbie :)
    Thanks for your comment in my blog btw, I'm now following you back :)