The Patient Love

Both of them are on the same age,
Living with friends in the Leaf village
The bravest and cutest ninja in Konoha
And the shy heiress from the clan of Hyuuga

His laughter and smiles save her
Showing him love like no other
Her confessions that she heartily say,
Shocked his very soul in a special way
"Never giving up",is what he believes
Loving with a fair heart is how she lives
He wants to love and be loved,
And "Love",is what she deserves to have

Others claimed that NaruSucku rocks
Not knowing how Sakura sucks
I just hope that in the end they'll see
That Naruto and Hinata are meant to be.

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  1. Cute!!hehe bisag wala ko nka ila an nla :D very nice Tin!

  2. wee hindi man ako fan ng anime, hihi.. pero mejo nakakalikig din ah :)

  3. Great blog and nice post ;) I will be here more often, I'm your new follower. Don't forget to visit my blog too!