Ring Collection II

Angel or Demon?

I find this one intriguing. Not so sure at first if it's more of an Angel or a Demon.lol. When my friends saw this they're like "it's weird!" exactly! and that's what I love about it. I seem to have a passion for weird stuffs.

Birdy Blue Wallpaper

This is one of my favorite since it looks unique and it's blue!!!!!!!and there are birds on it!!!!!This one's the most expensive in my collection though :( but no regrets, I love it!

The Kingdom of Elephants
Blue Bird on a Twig

Pearl of the Orient
OOpps! sorry for the wrong camera focus :p I'm in a hurry. This is the only pearl ring I own. I didn't bought this one. I got this from my mom so it's a real treasure :)

Gold Geometry

Fight through the Current!

Hey guys! how are you? 
I'm so sorry for being absent in updating my blog lately. Busy time, eh? School works are flooding 0_o  I'm drowning with school stuff  but I got the chance to take photos of my rings. Thanks to my bbs Sharlene Joyce Diez for lending me her camera. hehehe. Took these photos last week while waiting for our turn to watch movie at Tambayan. These are some of the rings I've added in my collection. I know it's quite a few of them gotta add them some more :) Notice how the box isn't full yet haha but it's alright I'm willing to buy more that might caught my interest still have no time to go shopping though. Like what I've said school's really making me busy. This post is actually a part of the first series of photos I took from my first batch of collection. You can view it here My Ring Collection. You can see that the photos from my first collection are much better than this one. Maybe because of the green background? IDK.lol. But I love all my rings all the same hehe. Which one is your favorite though?? Mind to share?Let me see your collection too if you happen to have one, I love to see it too :)
Thanks for reading!
love lots,
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  1. woah !
    what a fabulous collection you
    have there christine .
    where'd you buy your storage box ?
    i have been looking for something like that .

  2. Waaaa, You're making me drool now! My favorites are the elephant and the blue bird. You have such a wonderful ring collection!

  3. awwweeeeeeeeeee thanks Jaybel!
    Those are my favorite too. I mean, I love them all haha
    thanks dear :))

    @Keyti:thank you dear!!!!!!
    I bought the storage box from a local jewelry store in our City. I find it hard to look for one too.Actually it's not even part of their products but I manage to persuade the owner :)) hehe

  4. what a beautiful collection!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my giveaway to win a MAC lipstick and 5 models own polishes! just click one page back!



  6. Love them all :))) made me jealous <3

    I followed your blog, I hope you can follow back


  7. cute rings!! <3<3


  8. I loooove rings! I am so jealous of your huge collection! The angel/demon one is awesome!

  9. Hello! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Check out the link to see my post about it :D



  10. thank you girls!

    @Quinn: it's one of my favorite too :))

  11. Wow! Awesome unique pieces! I have a vast collection of rings as well! It's super addicting. <3

  12. Wow !!! nice collection dear. Following you <3<3