W7 Cosmetics Beat It! Eye Shadow Palette Review

w7 cosmetics Beat It! Eye shadow paletter review
For somebody who loves makeup, trying new cosmetics product would feel like heaven. I have tried countless makeup products but trying out a new one still excites me a lot. Witnessing the opening of Perfect Secret, a beauty outlet, I got the chance to try an eyeshadow palette from W7 Cosmetics. I don't know about you, but it was my first time to hear about the UK-based cosmetics company and try something from them. I got W7's Beat It! eyeshadow palette and since it's not a ubiquitous product, I have decided to jot down my thoughts about it. Hence, this review is posted.

Full product description:
W7's Beat It! eyeshadow palette contains 12 powdered eye shadow shades. The tin contains a selection of matte and shimmer shades of nudes, pinks and coppers. The colors provide excellent coverage as they are highly pigmented and provide little fallout. Apply with or without a primer - these eyeshadows are not prone to creasing.

Due to its sturdy metal tin, Beat It! can be slipped into a handbag or luggage without the risk of damage when out and about. Beat It! is the ideal summer palette for the gold goddess look.
w7 cosmetics Beat It! Eye shadow paletter review
Beat It! palette has 12 eye shadow colors ranging from earthy to pink tones. It has 3 matte colors, while the rest of the colors are shimmery. And yep, the palette reminds me of Urban Decay's classic eye shadow palettes. Just like Urban Decay's eyeshadow palettes, the ones from W7 also come in a tin container along with an eye shadow brush and sponge.
w7 cosmetics Beat It! Eye shadow paletter review
The palette is in a tin container with an eye shadow brush and sponge which I seldom use. Though there's nothing grand about how the product was packed, but its compact and sleek design make it travel and makeup bag friendly. It also saves you from worrying if your product will be damaged or not.
Details about the product such as its ingredients and manufacturing information can be seen in the bottom portion of its tin container.

The eyeshadow palette costs a little bit more than 1,000php that's a little over 20USD. Of course, its price may vary depending on where you purchase the palette.

The palette is available in Perfect Secret, beauty outlet in SM Seaside Cebu, but you can also purchase the product in legitimate online stores worldwide.
w7 cosmetics Beat It! Eye shadow paletter review
I have tried the brush and eye sponge which is included in the palette and I am glad that it wasn't disappointing. I actually love using the brush because it works so well in picking up the eyeshadow pigments.

Here are photos showing the swatches of the eyeshadows:
w7 cosmetics Beat It! Eye shadow paletter review
 The Gambler. The Gambler is a light gold color eye shadow color perfect for an everyday makeup look.
Loaded. Loaded is a peachy color which is perfect for a spring-inspired eyeshadow look. I think it's also good for a bridal makeup.
Billboard. Billboard is a dark copper colored eye shadow. It's one of my favorite colors in the palette and I love putting in on the outer corners of my eyes together with another neutral matte color.
Teacher's Pet. Teacher's Pet is a light pink color which is good if you are feeling a little playful.
Make a Wish. Make a Wish is a soft lavender color which could go together perfectly with the Teacher's Pet color.
Loved Up! Loved Up! is also another favorite color of mine. It's a light copper color which is way lighter than Billboard.
w7 cosmetics Beat It! Eye shadow paletter review
Candle Light. Candle Light is another light gold color in the palette, but it is also way lighter than the Gambler.
The Gambler. This one's perfect as a highlight for the inner corner of the eyes.
Film Star. Film Star is a light lilac color. Almost similar to Make a Wish, but is also lighter.
The Full Monty. The Full Monty is the color which has the most shimmer. I think it has a different texture than the rest of the shimmery shades in the palette. I don't know why, but this color is also more prone to fall outs than the rest. On the positive note, this color is one of the most beautiful colors in the palette.
Late Again. Late Again is one of the three matte eyeshadows in the palette. It may look like more gray in the photo, but when applied on the skin, it's actually an intense black.
Moon Shadow. This, I believe is designed to be the transition shade on the palette. I love the soft brown color though I wish it's more pigmented because without going back and forth in using it, it may look too unnoticeable just like in the swatch above.
Big A. Big A is a matte white shade perfect for as an eyebrow highlighter. 
The photo above shows how an eyeshadow from the W7 palette would look like when applied with a primer. Though, it isn't so clear to spot it, under my naked eye the primer intensified its color. The best thing about applying it with a primer is that it lengthens the longevity of the eyeshadow.

-comes in different shades
- somehow affordable
- easy to apply and blend
- very pigmented
- lasts long with or without a primer
- has little fallout
- doesn't crease
- long lasting

- some colors have the tendency to have more fallouts than the rest

 If you have tried the product already or if you have any questions, feel free to share them in the comment section below. I hope this post is of great help if you are eyeing on the product. Thanks a lot for reading!

love lots,

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  1. love all this shades...good to know they are so well pigmented....this palette seems perfect!


    1. I love them too dear! Do try them soon. Thank you for visiting mg blog. :)

  2. Hi Tin! Good to know that overall you're pleased with that palette - indeed it reminds eye shadows palette from Urban Decay, it has similar colors and from your review I guess that it has similar quality, but that one from W7 is more budget-friendly option. Thanks for your honest review, dear and take care! :)


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words dear! :)

  3. I've never really tried anything from W7, but I've heard that is a good affordable brand! Not sure whether I can buy it anywhere in Latvia, but I will definitely try to look it up online!
    Thank you for the review - you inspired me to take a look at more budget friendly makeup! :)

    Have the most beautiful day!

    1. It was my first time using a product from W7 too Maddie. I think it's a bit difficult to find it. Hehe

  4. The shadows are really great, but these days I am more into matte eyeshadows lol I own too many glittery eyeshadows *sobs* Great review btw! :)


  5. It's the first time I've heard of this brand too! So far and from your review, it does look promising. I wish I was good with eye shadow though! Hihi. :)