3 Must-Have Swimwears

Must-Have Swimwears
Because of our tropical climate, we can enjoy perpetual summer here in the Philippines. Though sometimes, it is cut short by a heavy rain, I am proud to say that most Filipinos are resilient towards any types of weather (literally and figuratively). Which is why rain or shine, it's not surprising to find people enjoying the beautiful beaches in our country.

I am not a beach babe. I love the beach, but I'm not crazy about swimming or sunbathing.  Most of the time I spend my day on the beach taking photos and just enjoying the view. Nevertheless, I would love to hit the beach before this year ends. Yes, if you haven't noticed yet, 2016 will end soon. Oh wait, it already ended the moment Trump won. lelz jk no offense to his supporters

Okay, back to the main point here, we all know that one thing that we should pack is our swimwears. It's not mandatory, but it pays to wear proper beach attire while you are in the beach right? As I am planning to go to the beach soon, I've looked for some key details regarding swimwears. I've found a good variety at StyleWe.com, an online fashion store that sells different kinds of clothing. During my search, I have also found out 3 must-have swimwears that can save us ladies from an uncomfortable and awkward dressing room situation.
Must-Have Swimwears

High-waisted swimwears are great if you are not very comfortable about showing your tummy or your navel. The best thing about high-waisted bikinis? they flatter every body type! It's also good if your weight is mostly throughout your tummy area as it tightens it while defining your waistline. It's kinda like the LBD version of bikinis!

Must-Have Swimwears

Wanna break away from your cover ups? Tankinis are perfect for you! It's also best if you are a sporty girl who loves to play beach games like volleyball. It's for the girls who loves to be sexy without showing so much skin. From spandex to chiffons, there are a number of cloth that makes up different tankinis. You'll never run out of choice to look terrific in it!
Must-Have Swimwears

Last, but not the least are one-piece bikinis. Who wouldn't love such bikinis? It comes in so many cuts and patterns that will work with any body type depending also on the part that you would like to emphasize. For instance, lovely petite girls may choose one-piece swimwears with high-cut bikini areas to give them an appearance of longer legs. Ladies who love to highlight their curves may choose those that have curvy cuts on the either side. The best thing about one-piece swimwears? You only have to pick one piece of clothing to look gorgeous!

To avail their discounts and noteworthy updates, you may check their Facebook account. Fashion tips and styling can also be seen on their blog. Who knows they might feature your gorgeous look as well, right?

Which swimwear would you like to sport? If you want one of those or all three of them, head over to this link: https://www.stylewe.com/category/swimwear-245 I do hope you'll find this post useful especially if you are hitting the beach real soon. Enjoy life and sail your worries away!

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  1. Wow, pretty swimsuits, I like the last one!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. beautiful selection of swim wear. I was always a beach girl:), but right now I'm enjoying the colder seasons just as much, perhaps even more...we all change I guess. Still, it is always great to browse beautiful bikinis and swimsuits. I really like how versatile your selection is. When it comes to me, I always prefer bikinis:)

  3. Haha, loved that joke about 2016 coming to an end & Trump. You definitely cracked me up! :D
    Your article definitely makes me miss summer and the countless hours I used to spend at the beach when I had more free time. I would give anything for a tropical getaway at this point. Yep, that's how much I love sun, beaches, bikinis, well, practically anything summer related! :)


  4. Gitugnaw ko sa imong posts karon. Hehehehe.

    I love the beach but I don't like wearing bathing suits. But if I have to, love wearing a one piece. Love the last one, 'tin.

  5. Nice blog!


  6. And here we are nicely into winter and I am so happy to see all the tights return at last, like migrating birds :) Of course, thoughts of swimwear will bring great warmth too, at least when provided by someone gorgeous like you :) All are such nice choices but that one piece was the most exciting for me. Wow!!! Lots love -- Sham

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  7. I enjoy the view at the beach but I'm not that into sunbathing too! But I have to admit that I love swimsuits so much! Unfortunately snow is coming really soon where I live haha :D


  8. Hey Tin, how you doing?! It's always a pleasure to visit you back because your blog is always sharing new surprises and new topics :D

    Well, I have to admit I'm not much a beach person, but I grew up by the sea so I couldn't live with out it at the end, haha! You're so lucky to enjoy that kind of weather in the Phillipines, take advantage of it (too many people in other places of the world would die to be there very weekend). Those options are PRETTY AWESOME, love how everyone marks a clear and strong personality, the prints are beyond beautiful, my favorite is 3rd but I'm sure that any could be a great option for a girl's next summer escapade!

    Regards and enjoy your Monday

  9. the last one is really perfect!
    xo, Ana Rita Leite

  10. OMG! I like the pink one. :) I miss going to the beach.


  11. Nice selection


  12. Hi Tin :) First of all, I enjoyed your joke, which was related with Trump, dear ;P What about swimwears, I love your selection, especially the first one, because I adore tropical prints and vivid colors and looking at this swimwear I'm more than sure that it will be perfect one for me :) And you're so lucky to be able to go to the beach at December - in my country, I feel first signs of winter and believe me, I'm not happy with that fact at all.
    Have a lovely evening, Tin!