My Eyebrow Routine: Eyebrow Tutorial

      I do believe that eyebrows can definitely affect how you look. It might be just a simple line of hairs on your face, but how you shape them and fill them in can drastically change your overall facial look.

       Believe it or not, I started seriously shaping and filling in my eye brows when I was on my senior year in college. I don't even like to do something with my brows at that time, but I have to since the makeup artist who did my makeup for my graduation photo shaped them. Ever since my eye brow hairs, started growing at that time, of course I have to do something about them to keep them neat. That's when I started plucking my eye brows to shape them.

        I do not claim that I own "perfect brows" but I got to say that I'm proud how neat my eye brows looked like. I don't believe "perfect brows" exist by the way. I think we have to adjust the color and their shape according to shape of our face. For instance, I do have a round face, so I have to arch them a bit at the end.
        I used to use eye brow pencil and a spoolie brush. But recently, I bought Maybelline's FashionBrow and I just decided to give it a try. So far, I'm loving it even though I still find using eye brow pencils faster. Well, I just have to get use to my new routine right? ehehe

        For my everyday eye brow routine, I use Maybelline's FashionBrow, the applicator that comes along with it and a spoolie brush. I don't use concealer to clean up or highlight the ends of my eye brows. This is how I do my eye brows and if you'd like to know how I do my brows, here's a tutorial  that I've prepared for you:
I have labelled the shades in Maybelline's eye brow pallette with letters a,b and c. I placed them in the part of my brows where I apply those shades.

1. Start by brushing your brows with a spoolie brush.

2. Start by building the arch of your brows and draw your first line from the arch to the tail end. You may use any shade that suits your brows, but in my case, I use the darkest shade (letter a ) in my eye brow pallete just because I noticed that it's the part that fades first.

3. Draw another line from the beginning of  your brows and connect it to the lines starting from your arch.

4. Start filling in the middle part of your brows with a lighter shade (letter b) than the one that you used in your arch.

5. Fill in the beginning of your brows with yet another lighter shade (letter a).

6. Grab your spoolie brush and brush your eye brows again to eliminate some harsh lines and to blend the colors that you use in your brows. That's also to make your eye brows look more natural.

Viola! now you have a neat looking brows! Here's a before and after photo of my brows:
The lighting in the photos looked different as I took them in different rooms hehehe.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Feel free to share them to someone you knew who needs extra help in the eye brows department too. lolx

love lots,

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  1. This is the perfect natural eyebrow look! love it!

    Passion Blog |

  2. Lovely brow kit I like it and I want to try it :)

  3. Huge diference and it looks so natural! ;D I usually dont care about my eyebrows because the're always hidden below my bangs xD

  4. i seriously need to start working on grooming my brows.. all i do is thread them and that's it. hahaha!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

    1. It would be great Sybil, pretty sure your brows would look prettier!

  5. It is all such a mystery this makeup thing. When I try and read to understand it suddenly looks like Greek :) So glad I do not have to participate in such things! Lots of love, sweetie!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. Very helpful post! I've recently doing my brows and definitely it changes my life. Thanks for commenting on Qing's Style. I hope you always keep in touch!

  7. Amazing!!!
    Thanks for sharing dear!

  8. Great tutorial good for those who are interested to learn how to use this. :D I am currently using Elf. :D


  9. Your brows look wonderfully full and thick...I love this tutorial, it creates a very natural but still defined eyebrow look. My eyebrow routine is very similar to yours, only I use shades (from their eyebrow kit) by Catrice.


  10. I had no idea that Maybelline has such a great brow kit in their offer, I have to try this out when my kit from Avon will be worned out ;) I really like that you show your eyebrows tutorial, I see huge difference between "before" and "after" photos, Tin :)

    1. Thanks a lot dear, just discovered the kit from Maybelline too and glad it works so well :)

  11. Tutorial maravilhoso amei a make arrasou
    Vídeo novo:

  12. so natural ♥ ❤

  13. Love it! I had fun reading this.

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  14. great tips :)
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  15. Hope you had great day, Tin :)

    1. Thanks a lot dear! may you always have a great one too!

  16. wow,you do a great job
    They look awesome

  17. nice blog =)
    follow4follow via gfc,instagram (freaky like gnui)and g+?

  18. Even if you didn't put any products on your eyebrows, they would still look good! :)

    I use the Eyebrow Pencil from Etude House and it works well for me :)

  19. im also proud of your brows lol! hindi nga cause its naturally shaped and dense na by default. perfect for the new trend their calling "smokey brows". ala gigi hadid - iloverhersomuch!