EAT BUY TRY (Number 6)

It's been quite a while since I posted something for my Eat Buy Try section. Honestly this post has been sitting in my draft for quite some time now. lol I'm just prioritizing my posts or I'm just being lazy! ahaha Anyway, let's stop talking about laziness here and focus on the sixth entry of my blog's Eat Buy Try section.

EAT: The Suite Room

It's really true that once you graduated college, meeting your college friends will require so much effort. For so many reasons like work, setting up a meeting time and date could get really hard especially if you and your friends are not working on the same company.

I haven't met my friends Cherry and Alyssa for quite a long time since they transferred another company, so we decided to set a day for us to meet. My friends tasked me to look for a place and suggested 'The Suite Room' in Ayala Center Cebu.

The Suite Room is a fine dining restaurant so it's no wonder why it looks so classy, or in our language "sosyal" haha And I'm not gonna lie, most of the items from their menu are quite expensive. Well, what are you expecting from a fine dining restaurant? lol Even though the foods we had aren't that mind blowing, my friends and I still think that we had a blast because we were able to spend a really good time together.

Here are some snapshots from our dinner together, sorry the photos are not that clear. The lights inside the restaurant makes it hard for me to take them!

Lyssa, Cherry and I decided to go for the same thing. Lyssa said, "I'll order what Tine ordered 'cause I trust her judgment on foods." haha whatever that means lol
We had L.A Galbi (208php), which tastes really good. This comes with a side dish that we are free to choose from. L.A Galbi's cut actually reminds me of bacon except the fact that it isn't fried. 

I chose cream of squash soup as my side dish for the L.A Galbi. It tasted okay, which means nothing really special about it. It's not so creamy as I thought it could be but it taste generally fine.

Lyss and Cherry chose french fries as their side dish. And it tasted like regular fries haha

My BFF Shie chose something that is called All-of the Above, (I'm not so sure, I wasn't able to take note of its name), but it's a combination of some pesto, beef and salad.
My friends had shakes too. Lyss had Strawberry-Banana shake, Cherry had the Chocolate-Banana while Shie had the Ripe Mango shake. All of their shakes cost 90php. My friends were very satisfied because their shakes taste really amazing!

For our desserts, we decided to give their ice cream cakes a try, which were served after our meal. We only ordered two slices , but we didn't regret it because each of them were too big for the four of us! We couldn't even finish all of them haha And I have to warn you, if you want to try their ice cream cakes, bring a chainsaw! jk, just be ready because they are so hard. We had a very hard time slicing them lol hahaha 

The Apple Cinnamon Ice Cake (above) costs 218php it is really good, but then it is too hard to slice!

We also had the Green Tea Ice Cake which only costs 208php. This one tasted like green tea so it's a little bit bitter. I'll understand if you wouldn't love this so much, but if you love green tea as I do, then you will really enjoy this!

The hotel style ambiance of The Suite Room makes it a perfect place for any dining experience. Their foods are a little pricey but they are good and their service was excellent! I love how the staffs catered to our orders and they are also very polite. I think the place is also great for private dining experience because you will always find a suitable place when you get there.

They also have three branches, so you don't have to sweat yourself if the place is fully booked or not. We enjoyed our experience in The Suite Room, but for some reasons I don't consider it my favorite. I would still visit the place again though because the items in their menu are surely worth any try!

The Suite Room is located at the 4th Level of Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City.
You may call them on this number  (032-2540508).
or you may visit their Facebook page here for more info.

BUY: Body Essentials

(Green tea, Asian Lulur Body Scrub, Kojie-san Cleanser+Toner, Kojie-san Whitening Soap, Hana Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo) I bought some body essentials along with other grocery items recently. I've tried some of these items before while some are relatively new to me.

I believe in the power of green tea, so I always feel like something's good in any products containing green tea. I wrote a review about Asian Lulur Body Scrub which you can read in my previous post here. I will try to write a review about the other items that I haven't tried from the items on my haul soon.

I love Kojie-san products so I want to try their newly released Cleanser+Toner. I had some hair fall experience so I bought myself an anti-hair fall shampoo. I didn't have a specific product in mind when I was in the supermarket so I just picked Hana Anti-Hair Fall shampoo. Hopefully it will do it's job and minimize my hair fall.

TRY: Baking (Again)
    If you've checked my Instagram account, you might noticed that I posted several photos of baked goods. For some reasons I just love posting what I had baked because I love the inspiration that I get from Instagram. It also helps me keep track of what I was able to make.

    I started baking when I was in high school by our home economics classes, but when I started studying in college I wasn't able to do it again. The main reason is because we do not have an oven at home and I have to prioritize things as a student. Luckily I was able to save enough money to buy one after I graduated in college. Since then I started baking, again!

    Baking is a costly hobby but it is one of the most rewarding activity for me. I feel really happy when I successfully bake something and sharing them to the people I love. As of now I'm still learning and trying out new recipes. Perhaps I might share some of them here? hahaha 

   I hope you enjoy this post! Let me know your thoughts in your comments below! :)

love lots,

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  1. That green tea ice cake looks interesting! I wanna try it. I love green tea kase :)
    Oh, and I've always wanted to learn how to bake but sadly, it's one of those things that I never seem to find time for :(

    1. Aww soon Kylie or maybe if visit ka ng Cebu bake tayo together! hehehe :D

  2. I will go to a fine dining resto only if I will be with my friends but not on the basis of their food since I can get really tasty one from not so expensive restaurants. I will go for the experience. When I went to Tokyo, I carried that shampoo but ended up not using them since the hotels have plentiful of expensive shampoos available for free. And baking is one thing I used to enjoy but I stopped since it is expensive to buy equipment for such a hobby. I just do it in school, once in a blue moon.

    1. Hahha yes! I only went their for my friends rin lang naman Sir lol
      not good for everyday meal ang fine dining resto chos!
      Aww, would love to see you bake again Sir! haven't tried baking pa in integrating it in lesson but if I could find the perfect lesson for it, I might use it too!! grabe,ganda ng idea!

  3. Wow, good food and elegant interiors, need I say more? ;)

    The Flower Duet

    1. Thanks M! :) the interiors are indeed elegant :)

  4. wow,you are really a good baker,that looks so yummy

  5. That restaurant looks lovely but the food seems hit and miss :) All of the above? I have often joked with a waitress I wanted one of everything on the menu but it looks like I could get that there :) I always travel with a chainsaw so I would be Ok with those cakes! I used to bake but I have not for a long time now. Mostly it was different sorts of fruit breads and always from a mix. Your selection looks wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful day, dear! You always brighten mine just by being there :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. hahahha would love to try slicing the cakes with a chainsaw soon Shamu! hahaha Thank you Shamu! I am happy to know that I've brighten your day :)

  6. that green tea ice cake is calling my name!!! aahh!! parang ang sarap!!!
    ang fancy naman jan!! pangmayaman, haha :D

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

    1. It taste really good Sybil/1 share tayo soon, help me slice it hahha
      Yes, pangmayaman peg ng place, pero of course afford na afford mo dyan! kaw pa/! hehehe

  7. I kinda dont understand the foods but the place looks formal and great. I love the look of The Apple Cinnamon Ice Cake, I wonder if I can find it here. Wow you can bake?! That's amazing! :)

    1. ahahaha don't understand the foods too coz honestly, they do not look that appetizing. but yes, the cakes are good!
      hehhe I'm practicing how to bake again Kandice, more practice pa ako dapat lol

  8. Great post

    New post :

  9. ahaha you and your friends are so cute! and that ice cream cake is mega frozen naman lol. those things are hard to eat imo, cause you want to wait a little so they are easier to slice but you cant wait too long naman kasi angbilis matunaw ^^ do we have this place here sa manila? :)

    1. Aww thanks Shayne! you are so sweet! hahaha yes that ice cream cake is frozen to the max hahahha
      I don't know Shayne hmm will try to check if they do. <3

  10. Oh my. Now I want to have a fine dining experience. Why did they let the cakes get so hard? SMH. What a waste.

    Olive Needs Popeye

    1. haha I really don't know dear..not a waste though because it is still good. it's just that we had a hard time slicing it haha

  11. Even if the food wasn't extraordinarily delicious, I see why your visit to this formal dinning place was enjoyable. I love to occasionally dine somewhere fancy with my friends just to enjoy the atmosphere and spend some quality time with people you appreciate. Being in a restaurant that's a bit more formal makes the meeting somehow festive...and we should treat ourselves that way sometimes, especially when we don't see some friends for a long time.

    Personally, I don't care that much about the food anyway, because I cook every day and always have something nice to eat at home. For me restaurants are a nice way to have a few hours for ourselves and the people we want to spend them with.

    The cakes look so yummy, too bad they were difficult to slice. Perhaps what is needed is as Shamu suggested, is bringing your own chainsaw:):)

    Your purchases look great! Hair loss is very common as the season changes but it can also be because of stress. Whatever it is, I'm glad you find the product that helped you.

    I would love to see your baking here on blog as well! I sometimes bake every day and sometimes not as much. The thing is that my husband doesn't eat sweets so when I bake something it often goes to waste.