Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!

Hey guys!

     I will be selling four of my pre-love items in Olxph sometime this month. Actually, the items I have aren't literally "pre-loved" because I haven't used any of them. The reason why I'm selling them is because I have duplicate items for each. I don't want time alone to devour them so I guess it would be better if someone could use them.

Here are the items:

This one is a portable hand sanitizer (a franchise from the hit Disney movie Frozen). I bought this last week primarily because of its very cute design. It's Ana! yeay!
This is portable and you can attached this one easily to your bags. This is on Red Roses so the sanitizer's color is red. The smell is very sweet and flowery.

As you probably know, I have a growing fashion rings collection. Visted them on their box only to find out that I have two which has a twin! (a similar item) , so I thought I might also sell their twins here.
The ring is adjustable so the size of your finger wouldn't matter because it fits to everyone! This is one of my favorite ring from my collection too! It's vintage and full of white stones that shines like diamond. I don't know if you notice but the left ear of the fox says: love. Isn't it beautiful?

     Another cover design from the hand sanitizer I'm selling is no other than Anna's sister, Elsa!Who wouldn't want to carry a cute sanitizer with the ice queen? This is on Blue Ice. Compared to the Red Roses of Ana above, Blue Ice has a stronger smell.

     Among the four items I will be selling this one is my favourite! My sister gave me two of these during my 20th birthday last December. I was surprised because my sister and I aren't that close.She gave me this with a note saying how much she love me and our family. She also reminds me how important having a family is and that we will face every struggles/happiness together under the same roof <3

    Aside from my sister's reminder, this ring also reminds me of a very good poem by Amparo R. Asuncion. It was shared to us by one of my college professors and I just felt very grateful that she did. The poem, if you haven't read it, talks about our country,The Philippines! The ring, though just an accessory reminds me how to strive to become a good citizen for the betterment of our country. God bless the Philippines!

If you haven't read the  poem, here's a copy. You can thank me later. ehehe =)

Sad Little Houses

Amparo R. Asuncion

The sad little houses, the poor little houses
Crowded by the riverside.
The holes in their roofs, the cracks in their walls
Vainly they try to hide.

The stench of the river, the dark, muddy river
Is with them night and day,
Pure, fresh air may be had for the moving
But they can’t move away.

They can only stand by the bank of the river
Buried knee-deep in clay.
They can only stare at the drifting garbage
Until they, too decay.

And, pass away into ghosts of houses
Killed by burning sun,
Smothered with dust and then forgotten-
Forgotten by everyone.

     Since there's two of them I'd like to share the other one because like what  my sister wants, I also want to share to someone the value of loving your home and your country where your family lives.

     Unlike the fox ring, Full House isn't adjustable. The ring size is 18, so it may be a little big. I think it could also fit size 19.

I'm selling both rings for 50 php each and the hand sanitizers for 80 php each.
Items are only available to Philippine residents. Free shipping for buyers living in Cebu :))

How to buy:
Comment me below if you're interested or shoot me an email in this address: tindespares@yahoo.com

I haven't wore both rings I'm selling and I haven't used the two hand sanitizers .

Have a wonderful day, good luck!

love lots,

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  1. Stunning.the pieces are great

  2. Very cool, I like the house ring!
    Love <3 <3 <3

  3. Super cute ng handles ng sanitizers! I like Ana! :D love the rings too and mura infer :D

    1. Yes sis, sinadya ko tlga na mura lng coz I just want to share them to others hehe =))

  4. Awee that ring/house is the littlest cutest thing ever! :) It is completely adorable and would look really great on anyone's hand! :)


  5. Aww ang cute nung rings!! I want!!! <3


  6. soooo cute!


  7. ang ko-cute ng mga rings tine! And the sanitizers so kyoot din, i can't even!

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  8. ang ko-cute ng mga rings tine! And the sanitizers so kyoot din, i can't even!

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    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

  9. hey how are you?
     Great Blog! I love the style of it

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    let me know what you think :)

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  10. nice items, love all of them

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  11. I wonder how you store your ring collection? You must be a romantic. Rings have many symbols but it is the importance of relationships that make them worth keeping.

    1. I have a jewelry box intended for my ring collection Jo :) maybe I am romantic, or maybe just plain stupid hehe

  12. aw i like the story behind the ring.
    your sanitzer pockets are SO cute and its so creative of you to match their colors with the flowers. kulang nalang si olaf :3

    1. hehe thanks sis!!! Nagkataon lng nandoon ang mga bulaklak sa paligid while I was taking photos hehe..didn't bought Olaf coz I know my baby brother will just destroy him haha

  13. Aww all the items are really cute! The hand sanitizers are adorable, I love Ana! :D


  14. Oh my god! The sanitizer bottle is just so cute.Would
    you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Please lemme know!
    & keep in touch!


  15. very smart christine.
    cute items too.

    Ms. Kei

  16. You sold Ana and Elsa bayet? huhuhu... I didn't know.. :(