Avon Kohl Eyeliner Review

  • it's creamy
  • can be easily smudge
  • affordable
  • smooth and lightweight
  • comes in different colors
  • doesn't last long
  • badly shaped (too wide)
  • it isn't well pigmented
  • bad packaging
     The best thing about Avon's Kohl eye liner is that it's very affordable. You can always avail one without emptying your pocket. It's really creamy making it very easy to smudge. Creating a smoky eye effect comes very handy with this product, it glides easily and doesn't feel heavy.

     When I received the product I am instantly disappointed. I don't get why it's shape like that,it's too wide, try to imagine what will you do once it's through in the middle. You'll probably think of a smudge brush, but for me that seems very inconvenient.You can't always have a smudge brush with you. Another thing is that it doesn't last long. The eye liner comes with a plastic cap, the idea of it being with a cap is good, but the thing is it's too hard to open it that mostly, you'll end up scrapping away a portion of your eye liner. whatawaste!

     After 2 hours of applying it on my lids, it's almost gone so I need to re-apply it again. It's advertisements perpetually boast of it's ultra rich color,that's probably true, I love the colors but it isn't very well pigmented. You have to glide it over and over again to make the colors visible.

      If you're gonna ask me if I'm buying it again, I don't know. Maybe yes,maybe not. I think Avon have to do something about this product. Some improvements perhaps? If you're curious about the product and try it on first hand, you can always avail one for yourself and give your own judgement.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this product on your comments below if you've already tried it. TIN

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  1. thanks for the honest review sis, i didnt get the shape of it too. must be difficult to hold and draw a line using this... (for an eyeliner noob like me) ^^

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog again, Tine, I know it's been a while. :)

  3. Hello dear :) kamusta? Was actually looking for possible Avon eyeliner reviews. Good thing I found yours! thanks for sharing :) great help sya xoxo

    btw. I followed your blog. Would be nice if you could drop by mine and keep in touch ^^


  4. Thank you for this review and being honest! I have never really liked Avon's products so I don't think I would buy this eye liner!


  5. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the first image "why oh why they are shaped like that?!" haha. I think it could've been better if they made these retractable nalang. Siguro you can use this as base nalang for eyeshadows. please let me know when you've tried it! :D

  6. That's usually the main reason why i don't get some products from avon.


  7. Oh very interesting eyeliner, I never tried this product, but I don´t like the Avon eyeliner because aren´t waterproof or long lasting, thanks for your review!

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  8. Thanks for the honest review! I love trying out AVON products, but they're either a hit or a miss. Some are great, some are terrible (no in-betweens).


  9. The products look great!

    It will mean a lot if you have time to check my blog and maybe follow my blog if you like it ?

    Hope to see you soon on it ,

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things