I do not know if he still remembers me
but I remember clearly how he came into my life.
I was
still lost in the translations of my dreams.

Tuesday morning at exactly 8 o'clock
he came to me like an earthquake.
The strongest I ever had.
He woke me up from my deepest slumber
swinging my thoughts
and snatching all my wits away.

When he was gone
everything I have was shattered in pieces.
I shut myself from the waking world.

Then I said to myself  I'll just credit everything to experience.
I thought I was lucky to get rid every memories of him away.
I thought I'd get over him in a day.
But those aftershocks of bittersweet emotions
keeps on repeating like the waves in the ocean
bringing back the same feelings
of lost and regret.
I realize I'll never be able to sleep the same way
the day before that certain Tuesday.

I wish I have been prepared
and read all their warnings
before he came.
I wish I remembered
all that I have learned from the past earthquakes
that came.

2:31 AM

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  2. This is so pretty. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and for following along. I am following you via GFC! <3