How To Make Your Mom Happy On Her Birthday!


      Birthdays are one of my favorite occasions. Although I'm not always happy on my birthdays, I still find birthdays magical. I don't know why but I always feel like there's an unseen magic whenever it's someone's birthday. It's like the world became a better place. lol. Seriously, I always view birthdays as the time of year when people should thank God for all the blessings they have and for simply giving them life.

      Yesterday was my mom's 51st birthday.(yes, my mom's old na) The day before  August 12, my sister and I already thought about what to buy,to do, to prepare etc. to make my mom's birthday extra special.We both wanted to give mom  an ultimate birthday but were not that high class to be able to afford what's "ultimate" out there. Instead we bought her some foods (with her birthday cake of course) and a heart frame with pictures of the whole family. That's our idea of "ultimate" though :) Anyway, I believe we should treat our parent's like everyday is their birthday. A simple act of love will always do. 

Here are my few self device tips how to make your mom happy on her birthday!
Here it goes:
  1. Clean your house. This seems to be a very hard thing to do but this one is the easiest and simplest way to make your mom happy. You may start by cleaning your own room or doing simple household chores. Easy right? You wouldn't only make your house clean but also make your mom happy! This is like hitting two birds in one stone.
  2. Treat her somewhere she's never been into. This could be your favorite restaurant, cafe,bookstore,etc. Treat her with your favorite food, your favorite coffee or get her a copy of your favorite book. Bonding with your mom in places you'd only spend with your friends is really something. Or if your mom is so into music, treat her go to a videoke with her. YOU KNOW WHAT TO hehe
  3. Chill with your mom. If you don't have any money to treat your mom somewhere special, invest 100php from your pocket and go purchase an ice cream and get her a movie she'll surely love (or something the whole family will enjoy). Set a time to chill with your mom by treating her her favorite ice cream and a good movie. Share few talks together and laugh.How awesome is that?
  4. Make her feel younger. Make your mom feel younger and more brilliant by giving her something a teenager would most likely get on her birthday. Flowers? Chocolates?Teddy bears? What else?
  5. Be someone your parents will be proud of. Study hard. If you already are, study harder. Be a good daughter and a student too. Don’t be a burden to your parents or to the society! One of the best gift you can give to your parents (not only to your mother) is to show them that you grow up into a fine citizen. Show and share to them your success. This is something no amount of money can afford. After all the best things in life comes for free ;)

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  1. Awww sweet post. I'll have to try these out. I hope you're mom enjoyed her day:)

  2. Noted!

    Ericka of

  3. So cute!!! Im glad u made her happy^^

  4. Chaaar! belated happy bday kang Tita :)

  5. aw so sweet. happy birthday to your mom.
    those are the things i did for mom too xD

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  6. happy birthday to your mom. (though this greeting's quite late)

  7. You guys are so sweet! I bet she'll be happier if you show her this post.

    It's always difficult to make my mom happy on her birthday as unlike most women, she doesn't like material things and has the capacity to buy anything she wants.
    A Hint of Sunlight

  8. That is such a sweet post! I got a lot of ideas of how to treat my mom on her birthday! :)

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