Cosé Feeling

Recently I joined a photo contest on facebook for Cosé Bags. It's the one that I've been asking for my friends and for you my dear readers to like. Submission of photos for Cosé Bags' photo contest starts on April 29-June3 this year and the announcement of the top 5 most liked photos happened last June 5,2013.
I feel so blessed and happy knowing that I am one of the winners! Yay!
I felt that Cosé Feeling when you know you will be able to own another stylish yet functionable bag.

Cosé Bags are one of the most popular brand mostly used by teenagers in our country but, for those who aren't familiar with Cosé Bags here's a brief description about them:

Cosé lets you relish the fun and power of being a girl – classic, carefree and chic. Individualism drives Cosé to tailor fit the brand to the different personalities and fashion moods of our target market.

Fun fashion and function inspires the brand for continuous product development, affordability and unparalleled customer service.

By that description above, you can easily get an idea how awesome Cosé Bags are.

      Please excuse me for that drama pose and expressions. The photos were actually taken by my mom and shoot in our very own front yard! I kept telling my mom 'hurry up Mom, people will see me'. haha 'cause I don't really wear this kind of fashion style everyday. Without me knowing, one of our neighbor actually did saw me. The good thing is that she said something nice. (insert grin here) She even told me, she didn't recognize me and I look like a Korean. shocks! It's probably because of my chinky eyes anyway. haha
     You can see how I rock my sheer top filled w/ flowers and gold chains in a turtoise and black clothing just by bringing my Cosé Bag with me without, any accessories!

My pink Cosé bag in the photos are actually intended for me to use this school year. But hey, this is
what I love most about Cosé Bags is that it isn't only for school or travel! You can use it to highlight your outfit and it can always give you fun ways to play with your favorite clothes.

These pair of boots from Bonita Collection is perfect for the wet weather when I asked my mom to take these photos.
If you'd look at the photos closely, you'll know it rained because of the muddy water I'm stepping in. Yep, it was a rainy day when I shoot these photos. I just don't wanna waste anytime submitting my entry since I did submit mine last April 28. And my photo was published on facebook on April 30.
That means I only had a very little time to gather likes. Thanks to my ever supportive friends and fellow bloggers who helped me gather likes.
I love you guys :)

Flowers and Chains Top- WAW Clothing
Black Shorts- Lee Jeans
Pink Bag-Cosé Bags
Shoes- Bonita Collection

***Side Note:
This is not a sponsored blog post or anything, I just really love to share my happiness with you guys :)
Now here's another great thing about Cosé, they love their customers a lot! When I sent them my shipping details they asked me which one of these lovelies do I prefer: (I chose the Bag Pack)

Feel free to visit their facebook fan page here
their newly created twitter and pinterest account (which I both followed)
and their chic website where you can have updates about their recent bags

That's it!
Thank you so much for taking time to read this Cosé filled post.
Good luck and have a happy Cosé Feeling!~

love lots,

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  1. Hi love,

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  2. your bag and sarf are awesome !


  3. well congrats for winning girl! I'm so in love with your top ♥


  4. Loving that bag and that vest/top amazing colours :)

  5. Great post :)
    Summer giveaway on my blog, check it out :)

    xx Sofie

    Your Princess is in Another Castle

  6. Ahh! Igata Tin oi!! muwah

  7. I used to love Cose a lot too.. back when I was studying, and especially back in highschool.. They have the cutest designs! And they're very sturdy too!

    hey I just followed you. care to follow back?
    A Hint of Sunlight

  8. Congrats Tin. I agree, you looked like a Korean girl here with that fashionable outfit. Hehe.

    XX, IamJenniya