How to Judge If Your Dog is Sick or Healthy

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How to Tell if Your Dog is Sick or Healthy
How to judge a dog is healthy or not when the first time you want to buy one while it is perfect in appearance? A healthy dog is energetic, as well as good in activity, appetite and excretion. If you want to be sure about dog healthy, pay attention to the below signs your dog may be sick:

Activity Level

Consider if the dog is energetic, normally acting for outside, or abnormal. A healthy dog is active and agile, it would wag the tail when saw the owner in order to show intimate, it also acting quickly. If a dog’s head is like the tail between the legs, cold in appearance, stood transfixed or huddled up in the corner, low in reaction, these are all symbols of unhealthy.
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Check if the dog is good in appetite and intake, make sure the dog is picky or refuse breeding. A healthy dog has a strong appetite, it would be exciting for every breeding, walking around the owner, eat quickly and with a stable appetite. An unhealthy dog would be low in appetite, eat less, prefer cold water or water, it would piddle or refuse breeding.


Check whether the dog vomited after breeding, or searching for vomits when clean the doghouse. Observe the color, shape and contents etc. of vomits. A healthy dog would not vomit, only those unhealthy dog with infectious disease or gastrointestinal disease would vomit.


Check whether the behavior of the dog is abnormal, such as standing, lying, sitting etc. when moving, whether it has the symptom of claudication, titubation or Parwoulsysis. A healthy dog would behave naturally, normally, as well as follow your command. However, an unhealthy dog could not follow your command, or behave unnaturally, sometimes even felt painful when being forced to do some actions.
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Check whether the two eyes of the dog are twinkling, tearing, or whether has the symptom of corneal opacity, gum or excreta in the corner of eyes. A healthy dog has 2 bright and clean eyes with no gum or excreta, pink conjunctiva. If the dog had dark and dirty eyes, red conjunctiva etc. then it would probably be sick for eye disease or dyspepsia.


Muzzle variation is an important symbol for judging an unhealthy dog. The nose of a healthy dog should be cold and wet, as well as with some droplet.


Check whether the mouth is red and swollen, smelly, difficult in deglutition etc. A healthy dog has clean and wet mouth, which is pink, and the tongue is bright red. A dog is considered as unhealthy if there is abnormality in mouth.


Check whether the anus of the dog is clean, whether any symptom of inflame,red and swollen or ulcer etc. A healthy dog should have a clean anus with no accessaries, such as excreta or red and swollen, those are symptom of digestion disease, infectious disease or inflammation.


Check the hair and skin. A healthy dog shall have smooth, shiny hair, with flexible skin. If the dog hair is dropping and the skin is inflexible and dry, then the dog is considered as sick.


The simplest way to judge a dog is to put it on the ground, let it run around, and check the activity level. If the dog can run, jump, bark, walk and eat, the dog must be healthy. On the contrary, if the do not want to run, bark or eat, and walk with head bowed, the dog is probably unhealthy.

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  1. lovely post! Great tips for figuring out if one's dog needs medical attentions.

  2. My dog is eternally healthy...and invisible :) These are some really helpful pet care points, dear! Sending you much love :)

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  3. sweet dog ^^
    Hello! you have a great blog :)
    you may want to observe the GFC? :)
    I like to be in touch with interesting blogs :)
    I greet warmly the Polish!

  4. I have a dog and these can be my checklist to see whether she is healthy or is acting strangely. Do you have one?