The Black Woman

I hate the black woman
with a pitch black rebonded hair
encased in a black jar
breathing black air
releasing black smoke
to the young blood of birds.

The black woman
was bitter and black.
She's more bitter and blacker
than Bo's Coffee's black coffee.
No amount of brown sugar
could make her sweeter and better.

I hate the black woman
I love to break her bones
into billion pieces,
instantly pull her eyebrows using pliers,
and bite her cheeks 
until she'll bleed
and beg and beg 
oh, until she'll bleed and beg
to burn her instead.

But little did I know
I'm turning my brown hair
into black
and began to bury
my beautiful soul
to bold blackness
as I hate the black woman.

black women by KION-ART

Cristine A.D

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  1. Although I am not into poetry... I love the gothic-ish of this post.. Teehee ;)


  2. wow Tine ahh parang may pinang-huhugutan! Love reading it, i think im becoming quite a fan of poetry :)

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  3. I love this writing of yours! I once loved and live as a goth lol where everything I want is black except for my heart, chos! ito fave line ko bite her cheeks until she'll bleed and beg and beg. Gusto ko siya gawing kanta! With the matching voice of Saydie!

    1. haha thanks sis! move on na ako sa pagiging goth hahaa apir!!! I'd love to listen to that song sis! I know you'd make a very good one <3